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Medical buffs for medical roles
More to do for 'beginner' medic achetypes

I am obviously unsure as to how much of a contributing factor the medicine skill has in combination with others. But overtly I wonder if it cannot be used for more.

-perceived issue

Trying not to go into to much detail, but this seems obvious assumptions to make. Someone is badly hurt, you use medicine to heal them, then they rest off their injuries. If its real bad you can resuscitate someone. But that is about it (in my experience).

This leaves medic type characters filling that architype in a very reactionary role. If people are not getting hurt, you have little to use that skill on. Moreover, there are many tools that can be used without skills to achieve the same thing at cost.


In line with performance boosts and buffs, could there be scope to get temporary buffs, based upon a skill check of medicine (plus a few other things) to give a similar appropriate buff? It could give medic archetypes scope to mechanically help people without the need for them to be injured. It also gives more weight to other medical professions on a mechanical level. Like, psychiatry, physiotherapy, chiropractors and so on.

Things like regular check-ups, post healing buffs during that period of ‘only time will help’ and hopefully a themely push towards ‘your health matters’ without adding in debuffs.

There are implementations of skills and characters applying buffs to others, it would be great to see that expanded more, and give those medical characters that aren’t just plugging bullet something more to play with mechanically, especially those in less busy medical roles.

The medical system is one of the most extensive ones in-game but the cost of entry can be immense. I would encourage you to use the existing system to motivate PC's to seek medical care/RP.

* Prescribe Pharmaceuticals to Psychiatric Patients

* Regularly test sex workers for STD's via blood analysis

And more important, do terrible shit with medicine!

* Unleash diseases

* Commit malpractice

There is a lot to be done here but it requires players on both side of the fence to be willing or unwilling participants for medical RP to thrive.

Perscriptions via a variety of places as well, is RP I have seen but is rarely done. PDS, Diseases, even things for your various RPd conditions.

Medical is one of those things that you can either just...heal people, or you can go all in and do a lot.

While I certainly do not disagree, and fantastic suggestions across the board. These are things taken up by those usually already long established.

I am specifically looking at those that do not have access to those specialisation.

So, the avarage and most common emt, medic, nurse role.

Just because you're not licensed doesn't mean you can't do any of that.

I mean hell, you got a combat wound in the back of a ambulance, slap them full of some Everup and other drugs and have them pay you for it. Feed (player) is a thing now. Doesn't mean they gotta consent.

Real talk, a lot of people will tell you what you can and can't do ICly and OOCly. Unless they're a GM: disregard. Go out there and do what you want to do, encounter IC resistance, plot/scheme to counter said resistance, and continue merrily.

Waiting around for skills/stats or RP to deem you "long established" is a farce pushed by people who don't accomplish much. ;-)

I agree with Reefer but want to stress one thing. Unless it's a GM. A GM specifically. Not an NPC puppet controlled by a GM. A GM.

NPCs controlled by GMs can only set IC expectations. IC demands. IC consequences. They don't dictate OOC game rules.

Just like you could ignore my character when they tell you not to do something you can also ignore an NPC setting boundaries. In both cases you might have to deal with the IC reaction to your decision but that's part of the fun of the game!

I'm not interested in adding new avenues to get buffs, nor making medicine a knockoff version of performance. I don't want Sindome to feel like a game where every version of utilizing a skill is just a reskin of the same mechanic.

There are plenty of ways for medicine to interact with the game world as it is, I don't feel like it needs more attention at this time.

Awesome awesome :) !!

I feel all warm fuzzy and excited.

Some of the little snippets of information here are fantastic suggestions, and while there is no development at this time, I am hopefuly that this gives those in the early medicine roles something to flesh out.

Especially useful, ReeferMadnes and Grey0, with their more generally appliciable advice.

Thank you everyone !