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Mech Tech
Combine Auto Tech and Aero Tech into Mech Tech

My experience has been that the game doesn't really support the division of skills, either from a mechanics perspective or from a utility perspective. Aero Tech feels like a vestigial specialization, and I would personally consider it a mistake for a player to invest UE in its current form because of these reasons:

- Mechanical skill checks, which do not involve vehicles, roll for Auto Tech.

- Many AV repair-related skill checks roll for Auto Tech.

- Aero Tech checks can more difficult than comparable Auto Tech checks despite lower utility.

- Aero Tech has no unique utility, it replicates Auto Tech mechanics but on fewer objects.

With the expansion of the rigging system and addition of many new types of robots and their related systems, I think there is a good reason to consider creating a Mech Tech skill as a mechanical counterpart to Electro Tech, that can serve as a generic basis for mechanical techy archetypes without them having to train into skills which, by name and description, have nothing to do with their IC actions.

You are mistaken on every reason you just posted, as someone who wrote the code.
I'm a bit lost how checks which fail with Aero Tech skills then pass with Auto Tech skills on actions and objects would not mean the checks being made were Auto Tech rolls. I've repeatedly run into these issues.

I just tested the first point again before posting this, have dealt with the second extensively over the last two months, the third is hard to tell without seeing the code but part-for-part has certainly appeared more difficult, and if Aero Tech has unique mechanics rather than just distinct objects they are sufficiently hidden I've never come across them.

This is already a little too close to discussing IG mechanics on the BGBB. I can't tell you the answer to your question but the answer is out there. I assure you that you're mistaken, and I just tested the code again right now to validate I am not blowing smoke up your butt and that there isn't a bug.
I can't see the code, but I've been A-B testing with each skill for all the different objects and actions I've been doing, and what I wrote above have been my impressions from the last two months.

My personal experience from using it is the utility of Aero Tech as a distinct skill is low compared to Auto Tech, and that there are now (and perhaps increasingly in the future) mechanical checks which do not involve vehicles which could benefit from a clear skillset for characters to train.

Despite what Mirage said, universal vehicle parts like panels work with either skill except for radiators and safety systems which check auto tech.

I'm also quite sure robot parts are only checking auto tech, but I didn't A-B test every single one.

I don't really see a reason that every part on an AV checks for aero tech except for these.