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Manipulating Minutes
Time: The Next Currency

I have been thinking about this a fair bit lately, and to be honest I think I was brought up on OOC chat at one point, but I can't recall. So, I'm writing it down here.

With the recent introduction of minutes to phones, I think there is a lot more potential for the system. Lets start with a simple example.

Some may not want to bother trying to factor in available minutes to a selling price in the underground phone market. Some might use minutes as an opportunity to earn a little extra flash, by claiming there is more time than actually paid for on the phone. But what if you could withdraw minutes?

Naturally, this would come with a bit of a drawback. When buying back minutes, you would be paid a reduced rate, less than any of the available packages actually charges on a per minute basis.

But let's not stop there. Another possible function that could be introduced is the transferal of minutes from one phone to another. Increasing in price depending on some mathematical equation I'm too tired to think of right now, this would allow folks to sabotage each other, by sneaking a phone away from someone, draining it of minutes, then returning it to them.

What do you all think?