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Mall Security?
Live your mall cop dreams today!

Aside from law enforcement, there are few legal job options for entry-level fighter-class characters. Sure, there's gangs and bouncers, but the more regulated careers like corporate security are often not geared towards fresh-faced fighters. Considering each corporation on Gold has their own security team, how about opening up a handful of security gigs for the malls on Gold and Green? Likely a service job, you'd be a low-level mall cop, but it's another option for newer characters. Could spawn some interesting RP, from catching small-time thieves to keeping an eye out for familiar faces stopping in to buy some interesting items, and would even come with a cramped closet office with security screens! Also, lots of mockery from the corpo-teens and their Rolex's.
Can't say I'm convinced that topside needs more security jobs than it has already, honestly. I'd rather see more roles like CGH security, down in Red.
PRI security would be cool. With the recent additions of new rigging stuff, PRI could honestly be an interesting intermediary corp, something between the Mix and Topside, since a lot of their holdings are mix-side and therefore the presence of service-level security mixing with corporate-level security upstairs.
I like the idea of PRI service security a lot, especially since PRI also owns Planetary Outlets. It could be an interesting 'Red-Gold bridge' job. In general, I think more jobs that have regular bridging between Red and Gold are good; right now, CHEX/SkyFox and 3LP are the big ones, and I think they create interesting RP.