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Making lifted objects stand out

I think it would be very noticeable if you have something lifted. After all, the things you lift are large and bulky and require both hands. I would love to see something appended to your @lp/@tp and short desc when you have something lifted.

An example involving a corpse (one of many possibilities):

For the @lp/@tp, 'Jimmy is standing here.' becomes 'Jimmy is standing here. Jimmy is holding a corpse.'

For the Short Desc, 'A shrouded curvy vixen' becomes 'A shrouded curvy vixen holding a corpse'

This would make it obvious when someone is carrying large, bulky items as someone entering a room would have it thrown in their face and people seeing you enter a room would also have it presented clearly.

Of course, just after pressing submit I had a thought. I think that the messaging used when you are grappling something is pretty much what I'd love to see implemented for when you are lifting something.:-P
There's already short description messages for people carrying corpses, fyi. A corpse is pretty blatant so it's good it's there.

I think most other lift-related items are run against a stat check whether you can carry it or need to lift. I'm of the mind personally that most items wouldn't necessarily stand out outside of corpses and weapons, especially not in busy streets, and would encourage people to look at others instead of getting a head's up.

Well slap me silly. I don't think that I've ever seen said messaging. I recall seeing a message broadcast when you do the lift but I don't recall seeing the message about them currently having a lifted object on them. Damn.

As far as other objects go, I know that I am more likely to notice that Jimmy is carrying a large box than I am to notice his amber eyes or greet t-shirt. I might be the exception though.

If the messaging is already there then it's already there. My bad!