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Makeup and mirrors!

Just a suggestion, but the shortage of certain presumably-common items in the game is a little troublesome! There could probably be easier access to common disposable items that, even in the present day, are easily mass-produced and never see shortages.

The most glaring example I've noticed is makeup-type items. There's only one place I've yet found to get it from in-game, and they're often out of stock or have no variety in basic things like lipstick and eyeshadow.

In addition, compacts are strangely overpriced and ingame, the general availability of mirrors is pretty under-represented. Every place with a shower or a bathroom presumably has some kind of mirror, but there's only a handful of locations that codedly provide the function of allowing you to do makeup.

I love that makeup's been considered and implemented in Sindome, but I have some suggestions to improve its ease of use.

1. Makeup vending machines or kiosks, similar to what you buy cloth out of. You could pick the color or style freely, plus there's no odd shortages of stuff that's been so easily mass-produced for hundreds of years.

2. Alternatively, maybe higher-tech makeup solutions. A machine that does your makeup like the auto-styler does for your hair.

3a. The insides of cars, and most rooms that have a shower should also codedly allow you to do your makeup in them. Unless it's a military or prison area, there's gonna be some kind of a mirror in there. In the mix it might be broken or have graffiti on it, but believe me, with some effort you can still do makeup with that, even if it won't come out perfect. We've all used dark-tinted windows before in a pinch.

3b. In addition, reduce the price of compacts. I'd say to like 1/10th of their current price at least.

Thank you for reading!

Shortage can be translated into an IC shortage of couriers. People need to run crates on Gold if they want products to be re-stocked. It's how we designed the system.

We have plans that are low priority for custom makeup production by employees at stores that would sell it. These would be PC hires.

I think adding mirrors all over the place takes away the need of buying a mirror, so I don't see us doing that.

Also, the prices are were specifically chosen to quantity make up and mirrors as a luxury that Mixers would have to choose to make as a sacrifice rather than drowning their sorrows in alcohol and drugs.

The makeup sold in the Mix is also appropriately specific to the Mix in pricing and style.

I don't want to make a whole new topic when this one is so recent, and for all I know this is already a feature, but could one's artistry skill maybe impact the rate of use for makeup supplies? They run out awfully fast.