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Make Krakeon Studios Again

So, the Krakeon Apartments on Green are medium, three-room apartments open to service mixers, but you can't apply a membership benefit to renting those apartments -- so they tend to remain empty. At one time, though, they were clearly studio apartments, because the 'living room' room in the description of all of the Krakeon rooms I have seen are described as single-room apartments.

I think they should be converted back to studio apartments. There's a constant issue with not having enough studio apartments, and that would give more incentive for these apartments to actually be used. In turn, having them get used more often would potentially spark more RP. In theory, they are full of service mixers with the discomfort having servies in Green can cause, but because practically they are too expensive for most people to justify paying week to week. Additionally, it might address the complaints people have of topside servies constantly living in Hab-X; there would be a more realistic alternative, which in turns opens up opportunities for servies taking the lev from Green to Gold and back getting nabbed by their haters in the Mix and the like.

We made them 3 room units to justify the price we want you to pay to live on green. Keeping the riff-raff out and all that jazz. :)