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Make driving the express less of a mess
Rush hour is painful for User Experience

So currently when driving the express you generally have a big long command you copy paste in, and that looks something like this.

drive n n n n w s s s s e n n n n w s s s s e n n n n w *not an actual expressway macro just an approximation.

Currently you get stopped half way, like for traffic, through the command, and you have to physically count out the room's you've traveled, copy paste that macro in, and if you fuck up you could end up traveling backwards, making a u-turn on the expressway(Which is weird, and probably shouldn't be possible but that's a talk for another time.) And losing progress to your destination.

This leads to driving the express being a chore, especially if you have a screen reader.

Potential Proposed Fixes

Store the command and as it's executed pop the executed move out of the command, and then when the car is stopped, give a remaining route, that is just the remaining moves you didn't process through.

Command waiting... If you get stopped in traffic rather than having to re-enter the command it just acts as a delay, not as a cancel.

Having to re-enter the command, I'm pretty sure, is intentional.
We purposefully made the express tubes feel like a chore because people were driving from Green to Red in approximately 1.5 seconds. You don't NEED to use 'go' you can drive one room at a time because of the traffic like we intended.
Yeah, in the past, I was given a ride in a car from Red to Blue in 5 seconds once, back in less time. Traffic is a necessary evil, to stop that kinda abuse.
Not proposing getting rid of traffic at ALL, proposing getting rid of, or mitigating bad UX.

Because if you give a player a tool like 'go' or 'drive' They will use it even if it is technically less efficient, because the brain tells them, incorrectly, it's more efficient.

This is why if you want a user to drive with single commands, on something like the expressway, you exclude those commands from working there. If at all possible.

Because if it works sometimes, and allows a massive gain in speed and efficiency, that means UX wise, the user will prefer that method over all others.

I mean another solution I guess, is to just make rush hour style traffic a permanent affair... That would allow the hint to be fully given, that maybe this command should be used elsewhere.

My suggestion is to cut the distance between expressways to just around six rooms that overlook the exterior of the dome. They could wrap around the outside and you could get a glimpse of the badlands for a change. Give those corpies some appreciation! But, I'd make them impossible to walk through. With there being far less rooms, you could increase traffic delay to compensate. Or even a WJF checkpoint or something in order to again, reduce speeds.
It's rather simple. If there's no traffic, then you can use the 'drive' command. If there is traffic and you know it, go room by room, as it is intended.

The drive command isn't intended to not be used at all - it is intended to be used, just not during rush hour.

Personally, I like the express ways being a chore that should be handled one room at a time. It fits the whole ambient pop theme we try to push so hard.
Also....There's ways to get around the traffic ICly, I think. :d (Like vehicles that can weave through cars....)