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Make an @stuck command.

Hey, as some people may know, it's pretty easy to get your AV stuck in the ground, if you queue a certain direction once too much. I've accidentally gotten myself stuck a fuckton. I was wondering if it'd be possible to make a command that TP's you and your AV one room back, so I don't have to take up the GM's time and patience, because I'm stupid. I'm not sure how easy that is to implement, though.
"as some people may know, it's pretty easy to get your AV stuck in the ground"

No, No it's not easy. Check and plan your routes better.

And No, I don't like this suggestion. Unless it is made specifically for AV's and can only be used in specific room types.

It is easy to get your AV stuck in certain locations in the game, due to the way the rooms are made/generated. I don't know if the method suggested is the best way to fix this but I do agree that it would be nice to have a way that you could unstick yourself in these situations.
It's usually not a problem on horizontal movement, mostly up and down that gets me. It's definitely easy enough if I can bork it, by putting one "d" to many in my route, and yes, I would only suggest it for AV's, outside of combat, and I've only gotten stuck in "some roof" rooms, so I'd only suggest them for specific rooms too.
This is actually so easy to do that you lose a lot of freedom to experiment with flight paths because of the danger of suddenly ending up in a place you shouldn't be able to get to.

And there really shouldn't be any problem in producing a command that can't be abused. The rooms that you get stuck in all have one thing in common. A lack of exits. Even making the command so it only works from the generic unset room type with the glowing green lines in the description would work, since that's where you get stuck more often than not.