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Make 'wear' and 'remove' act like 'drop'

Right now, if you have three similarly named items in a room --

A yellow shirt

A green shirt

A matte black shirt

and you are holding only the yellow shirt, you can 'drop shirt' and it will drop the yellow shirt on the ground.

However, 'wear', 'remove', and 'hold' don't act that way. If you have only the yellow shirt in your inventory, 'wear shirt' will kick up a 'which shirt' error, as will 'hold shirt', 'lower shirt', and -- if you were wearing the yellow shirt -- 'remove shirt'.

It would be awfully cool if all of those commands used the same 'inventory only' checking as drop does. I don't know how hard that is to code, though.

just 'count shirt' and pick the number you want. say there's 3 shirts. 'wear first shirt'
That works okay for a person, though it is slow. It doesn’t work at all for a @macro. One advantage of having wear and remove work that way is that you could pick up an outfit with reasonably generic names using “count” — say “blue skirt”, “white underwear”, “white bra” and “yellow shirt” and then have a @macro that puts them all on.
just include full item names rather than just one word out of them
I don't think you're following my use case:

You have in your closet several pairs of underwear, several shirts, several pairs of pants, several bras -- for simplicity's sake, let's say 3 of each.

The number of possible combinations is 3^4, or 81 -- far too many for @macro, and @macro doesn't take arguments.

However, if wear and remove behaved like drop, you could use count to pick up the particular shirt, bra, pants, and underwear you wanted to wear, and then have a @macro that 'wear underwear' 'wear bra' 'wear pants' 'wear shirt' and then a second @macro that 'remove shirt' 'remove pants' 'remove bra' 'remove underwear' and then 'drop shirt' 'drop pants' 'drop bra' 'drop underwear'. That saves considerable keystrokes, which is the point of macros in general.

i'm wondering why you have duplicate things then

get blue sateen blouse

Wear blue sateen blouse

Get burgundy dress pants

Wear burgundy dress pants

It'll avoid your yellow sateen blouse and khaki dress pants because you wrote the whole thing. So if you have 7 sateen blouses and twenty pairs of pants, just writing out the full thing will be fine

You're setting yourself up for failure by just writing "wear shirt" because it cant tell which one you meant. Just type the full word and we dont need to bloat the moo with useless code
If the code is useless, then why does 'drop' behave that way? I'm just not sure if I follow your objection.
i'm telling you how to write your macro in a way that works. i'm saying the code addition you are proposing is unneeded and can be solved by just typing about two more words into your macro
Writing the macro in the way you describe leads to needing 100s of macros. The goal is to be able to have a reasonably diverse wardrobe with some common names between classes of items. Using count, a person could pick up the items they want to wear, and then the macro can handle dressing, removing, and dropping.

This may not be a use case that matters to you. There are characters that try to wear something different every day, and it might matter to them.

so you're expecting the game to magically pick your outfit for you in a closet by typing

wear shirt

wear pants

etc etc

if you wanna wear something different every day, do that, but there's zero point in adding in some code bloat to act as your personal fashion randomizer when you can just do it yourself. there will never be a macro that can just randomize your wardrobe for you, and this is a bad idea.

I think what Pavane is suggesting makes perfect sense and is reasonable.

If I remember right, when you type 'drop item' it will drop the thing in your inventory even if there is another thing in the room with that same name. It doesn't even consider the other things. Why would it? You can't drop it if you don't have it.

As it is, you can't wear things that aren't in your inventory. You are given an error message saying that you aren't holding it. If I have to have it in my inventory to wear it, then why even consider items in the room? Why not behave like drop?

Same thing with remove. Why even consider things you aren't wearing? You can't take them off anyways.

At the same time, unless it is a quick fix, I'd rather not stress devs over it much. Nothing is broken here. It's just not as optimal as it could be.