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Look at the flowers!

So this is really not that big of a deal, however I think it would be a better function for plants if they actually showed their colors and what not in a room desc. Kinda like Christmas lights after you put them up. Also bland plants like Lily's should highlight the greens and the reds so it stands out in the room and can be eye catching.
Different but related - it would be nice if you could smell flowers!
Would be cool if flowers are wilting or dying that there be some kind of sweet smell of decay and maybe like rotting sweetness or something.
RE: Flower smell suggestions.

Not sure if they should all share similar phrasing, but here are a couple ideas I threw together using the existing one from geraniums:

Lily - The soft, potent, smell of life invades your senses with the subtle, delicate fragrance of sweet citrus and creamy clove.

Orchid - The soft, potent, smell of life invades your senses with strong notes of passion fruit, vanilla and exotic spices.