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Locational messages for items.
One easy trick for more RP fluff...

This idea is simple. Much like we have @tp and @lp, I think it would be incredibly useful if we had that for items as well.

So instead of 'you see a ceramic katana here' you could set it up so it reads 'a ceramic katana is stabbed into the corpse's heart'.

'a liteterm rests on the bar counter, unlocked and logged in'.

'a briefcase sits ominously in pristine condition, the ViriiSoma logo stamped on the front'.

It could be a way to add detail to otherwise generic items without actually bothering builders/gms and flooding the game with unique items. Plus also add detail to rooms and scenes that you otherwise can't, leave clues for people, etc. Even better if you can spoof it and change where the item name actually appears in the message, too.

All items have this with @integrate it just isn’t and I don’t think should be entrusted to players.
I can't really think of a way a player could abuse this, no more than @lp can be abused.

I mean, yeah, you fluff up the katana as being solid gold or something, but it's more or less the same as you setting up your @lp to say you're hulking with muscles when you have 0 STR. It doesn't really happen, from what I've seen.

There's a quote from Johnny that's like, "Whenever we trust the players to behave, they don't."

I could imagine a canned message that an item could be doing when positioned next to another item type. Like a POSITION verb that combines two items in the item list until one of them is moved. (Except installed / seating items are still listed as normal.)


A katana is here, buried into the gut of a corpse.


A katana is here, relaxed against the sofa.


A banh mi tofu baguette is here, relaxed against the sofa.

(notice how the indirect object's type sets the position message of the items)


A banh mi tofu baguette is here, buried into the gut of a corpse.


(but the baguette is already positioned with the corpse)

There's no more room on the corpse. Collect the banh mi tofu baguette first.


(but the corpse is already being positioned by the baguette)

The corpse is already being positioned. Collect the banh mi tofu baguette first.

I already love this.

This is such a great idea! It would open up SO many opportunities to add atmospheric flavor and detail to a scene as the player if it could be integrated in a way that cannot be abused.

Maybe like the rules about taking liberties with tailoring, anyone caught going overboard with something like this can be reprimanded accordingly without punishing the ones who go about it fairly/realistically.

I don't see how the freeform version of this could be more abused than tp/lp as long as it's like @sp. Every object is prefaced with The ceramic katana is here, [@sp]. That way you can't spook somebody with like, "the molotov is primed to go off!" or whatever.

A canned position line is much more tamper proof though.