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Limit Guard
Some places just don't make sense...

I think it would be great if the 'guard' command was adjusted so it was not able to be used on certain exits. One good example would be massively crowded streets. Another might be Lev doors as large numbers of people rush in and out. I am sure there are other possible locations too.
Agreed that guarding main street 'exits' doesn't make a whole lot of sense. On the other hand, space and dimension are pretty abstract in most circumstances, with things like cubes being the exception.

Just how narrow is that 'narrow alley' your character is walking down? Is it three meters wide? One? Five?

As for guarding crowded in crowded spaces, I don't think that that'd be a good metric to base things off. So much of the game has the crowded flag now that it's kind of.. not really useful. Places like the hallway for apartments with only four apartments present are crowded, when you're only reasonably going to have like 1-8 people coming and going to their apartment at any given time. I hope that example makes sense.

It's why I did not try and suggest a metric as I don't think I know enough to suggest a reasonable one. I just know that players generally feel that if a command works it's golden. So if this is frowned upon, it would be great to have some mechanics in place surrounding it. If not, then I can be educated. :)

I don't think you should be absolutely barred from trying to keep someone from fleeing or charging in a particular direction, even in an open space.

But it shouldn't be hard to code difficulty multipliers on specific exit types. Guarding a door? Easy. Guarding the street or a Badlands tile? Harder.

If they try to flee or charge in your direction, it just doesn't make sense that you'd be utterly impotent to obstruct it.

My feeling is that there are hardly any defensive gameplay options, and I've barely ever see guard being used for anything effective as it is. Does it need penalties?

Another issue I see is that the type of room itself doesn't say anything about the exit itself. Street and outdoor rooms have small exits that could be guarded easily. There are many large open areas with doors or passages to smaller spaces that wouldn't really make sense to made arbitrarily harder to protect.

Guard is more than a defensive game play mechanism. I can't say more without taking away the fun RP of PCs teaching PCs. And the impact of someone magically being able to block my movement regardless of the environment can be devastating.

I agree that it could be an odds thing but I'd put the odds onto the chances of them being able to shove you away from the exit in the first place. If you try and guard Sinn then there's a real good chance I can just cruise on by as if you weren't even there. No need for me to use special commands.

I suggest this as, if they already shove a character away and disrupt their movement, 75% of what guard is good for is already done did. In my opinion.