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Lights, Camera, ACTION!
Camcorders for sex, blackmail, and more!

We have EyePods. We have Television recordings. We have cameras. Why not slap all that together with the Replay functionality of some systems and make a camcorder?

The possibilities are many. Need to record a conversation for your next Withmore Globe article? Grab your trusty voice recorder for that interview! Got a sexy input and wanna sell some steamy sex-tapes to your pals? Camcorder. Want to prove those two people there are not only in the same place, but actually chatting it up? Well, if you're good enough at using the thing, you could listen in on their convo and have video evidence of that sweet, sweet corporate espionage! Even for those of you who just want memories of the good times, beyond just faded memories. You can record those fun moments with your friends, and relive them after you've kille- I mean parted ways with them all!

I like this idea, and I think that if it does get added, Grid 3 should have some sort of video uploading/playback functionality. Wouldn't have be to anything fancy, I'd be satisfied with just a shiny quote box to stick video logs in.
Mechanics wise? So much bloat, let alone coding.

Gameplay wise? The state of recording/surveillance in the game is pretty healthy as is, giving players practically just enough tools to get what they need and also enough wiggle room to also get away with things.