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License Plate Obfuscation
Ponchos for your Cars

With vehicle combat in play and vehicles harder to steal than they've ever been, it seems like this should be brought up.

Using a vehicle for crime is hard because, unlike people, you can't do much about the big obvious identifier at the bottom of the vehicle's description.

Realistically, it wouldn't be hard to spraypaint over a license plate, and that seems like the easiest way to implement vehicle disguise, but really as long as there was some way of hiding or changing a license plate that can be removed relatively easy after a job, that would be GREAT. I want people to be able to take greater risks with their rides without the threat of being immediately identified.

Let mechanics swap plates. VIN is in the game already.

With all the work that's been done to make vehicles vulnerable instead of mobile safety bunkers, I think it's fair to start letting them be 'disguised' in ways.
Ah, I did a search for "license plate" instead of "vehicle plate" and missed that one.