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Less restrictive Vacation policy

Since the community is now operating with a much smaller playerbase I am going to push the idea of making the vacation policy less restrictive. This could allow the current playerbase to fill roles they see as needed without losing characters they have grown and enjoy playing, but may be hitting RP walls due to recent changes in availability/player exodus or maybe they would just like to fill a vacant RP opportunity. 6 months is still a healthy amount of time for characters to establish something worth holding onto through a vacation and allows fewer players to fill MORE roles. The downside is the consequence to established/ing characters more frequent abrupt departures from current RP plots that might disrupt other players RP, too. The vacationing player would have to weigh all aspects of their influence and the consequences it would have but I think the upside potential far outweighs the downside.
I've been thinking about this too recently, but more in the sense that vacation characters ought to get the old 6% of their player's total UE like the old reroll system, so they can start doing whatever they're designed to do from creation with relative ease without spending some of the precious few months of their limited existence getting the stats/skills that might be needed for whatever job/gimmick/etc they want to roll with.
Why are we operating with a much smaller player base?