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Leasing Vehicles
Oh, you can't afford it? Let's see...

Let's get more drivers on the road!

Lease vehicles for X cost per month.

You gotta turn it back in in perfect condition if you stop paying. Otherwise you're automatically unauthorized at the end of the month.

Oh, you can't afford the repairs? You're just gonna leave it somewhere? It was 'stolen?' Looks like you got yourself a bounty.

Vehicle Mechanics can add towing out-of-date leased cars to their job duties and score promotions.

Other stuff: Something about leased vehicles being stowed in private garages... other balancing factors... blah blah...

What do y'all think?

I think this will lessen the value of vehicles, which are supposed to be milestones for characters. Don't really agree.
Like Ranger said, they're a really cool milestone and bragging rights once you get them.
Is it really a milestone though if not enough people care about vehicles to begin with? Or am I not seeing the bigger picture and there are actually a healthy amount of vehicle users?

I'm currently under the impression, based on past threads, that very few people even bother with vehicles. If my impression is wrong, feel free to ignore this idea to get more people using vehicles.

There are definitely a good amount (relative to the playerbase) that own a vehicle. If you're talking about cars specifically, the number goes lower because cars are more expensive and offer a different method of transport with their advantages and disadvantages. But again, when you look at the wide picture, once again any character that knows how to hustle definitely also does own a car.

I don't think the assumption that people don't bother is true at all. Bikes especially are a big milestone for newer characters that are just starting out, for example.

Okay, thanks. I was offering a solution to a thing that isn't actually a problem

Ignore me then. 😅

Owning and using vehicles are two very different things though. While ownership may be adequate, the utility of vehicles is very narrow, and really wouldn't support leasing anyway.

Though leasing TOPSIDE would be themely as fuck. Why own last years model, when you can just lease a new Ferrari every twelve months?

While I understand that gameplay balance reasons for not having it ... the idea of rampant overspending and living beyond one's means not being explored through predatory credit (read: exorbitant interest rates) does seem like a missed theme opportunity.

I also imagine these are things that can be explored with other PCs or maybe even NPCs given enough RP. Some basic level of access to credit for Corpie players might go a long way to addressing what seems to be the impression of the Mix (players) being too rich in comparison however.

One problem with leasing is that players can, will, and have just taken the fuck off before. With vehicles they had access to no less. Maybe after someone proved themselves reliable enough... but then they'd just have the money, wouldn't they?

Credit is something largely removed from SD theme due to these reasons.

Loans? Well... FOIC :P