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Because neon drug concoctions can't -not- be themely, right?

Fairly self-explanatory, add the codeine based drink lean (red, purple, both, or even more color variants) with a possibly more Withmore appropriate name.

Effects would be similar to weed stat-wise, but weaker (no shitting yourself after two hits), with overdosing something along the lines of lower heart rate, decreased breathing rate, cramps, then passing out?

Withdrawals would be stuff like cramps, increased heart/breathing rate, anxiety, etc.

I like it but can we call it something else? Also, are you thinking this would be a low high, so probably cheaper and easier to make? How would it be made - or is it just sold at bars or certain bars?

That turned into a lot of questions.

This... does already exist though :P

Would most likely be a low high but similar in price to weed- but to make it make more sense - possibly chemists would be able to make the drug (cough syrup) side, which could then be sold and combined by players with a store bought drink item to actually make it usable.


Never seen it in game, but if it's one singular KMB drink (taking a wild guess) it shouldn't really count as a domewide drug.

If you mean drinkable drugs in general, then yes, they're consolidated to limited spots for balance reasons.
My disappointment that this isn't about blind-firing around corners is immeasurable.
I think a Mix-adjusted candy drink could be themely! Dirty sprites in da club.