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Wash your clothes without even getting wet

I may just not have noticed. But perhaps a bit of code to let players clean their clothes without showering with everything on?

Might open up some avenues of RP for players to work part time at a cleaners or some such.

I know there was some kind of color dying object supposed to be available for tailors...if an added function of this was the cleaning/drying of items - that could be useful. However, I don't see it working out in the long run. A decent idea though. I just don't see people shelling out chy to have their clothes clean without them getting wet.
I disagree, the players already are welling to spend chy on frivolous things such as booze and cigarettes. If laundry machines were sold as expensive luxury items that one could dump all soiled items into at once it would create a demand for them. Otherwise one may ned to wash each item by hand, or go to a cleaner. It just seems so odd that showering with clothes on is the current solution.
I started work on one of these months ago, but haven't got around to finishing it up. It will be waterless of course and use some sort of nano-tech to get clothes clean and dried. I was basing it off something that was recently developed in the real world. It won't be a huge device but will let you dry off those wet clothes or get rid of the blood stains.

From an IC perspective, showering with your clothes on to get blood off is absolutely ridiculous and the code should probably be modified so that showering with clothes on doesn't get a person clean, but merely gets their clothes wet.

Err, I just checked and there is currently a dryer, although I'm not certain whether it's "functional".  Seems to work, now whether I'm misconstruing the use (such as it's designed like the shower and meant to dry naked persons or if it works on clothing as well). Maybe I've just been out of the loop for too long. *shrugs*
@Ramsey If you dry off and your clothes are wet, they'll be dried.

That said, a laundromat would be something funny to add although I think coding an object that does something we can already do is a bit redundant. �Also, if you're bloody you shouldn't be able to just wash that stuff off. Additionally, why wash clothes when we don't have anything other than blood that'll get on them? The sewers aren't coded to drop filth on them. Killing a scorpion doesn't get ichor on them, and rummaging around in Bansupero doesn't get mud and dirt on them on them. Maybe I'm playing devil's advocate here but there's other things that need coding. Aside from that, if every day use added dirt or filth messages to clothing just like getting dirty makes our chars stink, I could possibly see a reason for laundry devices and even car washes. �Although I'd say that stuff sitting around collecting filth will be the norm unless it's a gun or something.

I'm babbling...hah!

The fact of the matter is washing your clothes while you shower is poor RP. Just because you can do it, doesn't make it a good idea. It's done because there is no alternative other than time. Blood is not the only thing in game that can mess up clothing either. This is also the future, so a product which removes multiple types of stains, rather than using your shower makes sense.

Just because those dirty things aren't happening right now, doesn't mean they're not going to. Walking around the sewers can really mess up your weapons. No reason it can't do that to clothing as well.

Obviously there are other things that have needed coding because I started this months ago and it hasn't been touched since. It's on the list. I won't get into the amount of stuff that's been put into game that's completely useless.Necronex666