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Language learning buffs from performance
Markitable, RP, fun stuff to do with languages

At the last town meeting the subject of languages came up, how they could be used, how they could be implemented more and used more. It is an amazing system one I love and I see is incredibly underutilised.

Given we had instruments and the performance system that offer buffs and the like. Would it be possible to leverage the same system to offer a temporary buff when conversing with someone in that given language.

Say someone speaks Japanese, and you don't if they address you, over a period of time depending on skills/stats, you gain a buff to the % you increase your language learned per UE spent. That buff can depending upon the speaking individuals intelligence (to teach) and the language level they have.

It does not have to be a huge boost, but it opens up the options for people who invest in languages direct ways to make it into a marketable skill. Open up languages to more players hopefully and give actual RP elements to learning a language rather than just "I read it in a book" or "I learnt it from x NPC or y PC".

This is a really clever idea. It's possible it could just be implemented through a special "teaching manual" instrumented and provide a general intelligence boost for the UE discount, though a specific discount would be better.
We're not touching langauges until Toast.
AH, gosh darn it. I actually remember that being said, I need notes for real life Mirage. I still hope that something like this is implimented post Toast deploy :)