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Label briefcases
Getting organized, yay!

It's time for spring cleaning, but your briefcases full of paydata are all disorganized and it's impossible to find anything!

I think it should be possible to label briefcases in the same way as e-memory modules can be labelled. Just a little QoL thing.

Also it would be pretty convenient if you could target the e-memory modules and/or other labelled things with their label. I'm not sure if that is possible though. If you type "get paydata" and you could pick up "e-memory module [25000u] (paydata)". Sort of like the code for names of flyers that you can target.

What if there was just a label gun add-ons for the enote? Label your briefcases, screens, cabinets, swords, sets of armor, ace kool, all kinds of things! We already have custom sticker machines, could just be a one word version of that or something.
We can't let you define object aliases via labeling unfortunately.
I was thinking maybe something along the lines of how you can label e-memory modules and it shows up in the name, but not in the alias (you still have to get 1st e-memory module, 2nd, etc).
Maybe off on a little tangent here, and not sure how feasible it is, but it seems like it'd be cool to provide Augmented Reality labels for specific items tied to a HUD in a specific cybereye, rather than having physical labels that everyone can see.

Any chance that we could get the same labelling function as implemented for securetalk cards and e-mem modules, but for briefcases?