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Kill yourself

Go into the closet, and hang yourself on a sheet. Nobody will miss you.
My mother literally died on August 11th. Thank you for the suggestion.
Well considering your game's title screen pushes suicide continuously, even as your admins refuse a simple request to delete an account...
I don't know on what planet it's ok to treat other people this way because you want your account deleted... :( You know we're human's not machines, right? And the majority of us are players that your speaking to? What awful behavior.

Johnny, I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what I would be going through if I were to lose my mother, so my heart goes out to you.

First of all, sorry for your lose, Johnny. I can only imagine how difficult that must be.

Now, to address amykwod:

I will be the first to make efforts to help new players get into the game and work through the initial learning curve, be it through OOC advice, or when possible and in like with my character, through IC advice and/or assistance. I am also aware that our little community is not perfect, though much work has been done and continues to be done to help improve both the game itself, as well as the OOC community, including helping new players get into the game.

That being said, I find it quite ironic that your chief complaint is that our community is filled with assholes. You address this complaint with some of the most obnoxious, and even potentially hurtful words I have seen exchanged within this community in my entire time here. It is for this reason that I will not shed a single tear, not worry about what we might have been able to do to help you, in particular, to find a way to enjoy this game, since you have made it very clear that our community is much better off without you.

I, for one, vote that the admins should fulfill your request and delete your account so that we don't have to see anymore of your rude posts and so you can be happily on your way to something that will suit you better. Maybe try Cybersphere, if it's even still around.

In conclusion, best of luck to you where ever you may go, but please stop spewing OOC hate at our community. Thank you and good day.

I'm typing this mainly for any other newbie that comes our way.

Manner are how you treat others. You can have good manners or bad and Amy, you have the worst manners I have come across in a very long time.

I just want to note to new players and readers that first, the community here was very helpful in trying to help ooc'ly (out of character) on the game-help channel. Then, IC'ly (where the characters are assholes, & have attitude) even characters who aren't normally helpful, tried helping this new player out. They broke character a little to take A LOT of time to try to help this new player. Some started thinking after the 2nd day that she might've been a troll from another game. (Just a note: Players are helpful, Characters are assholes trying to survive. Do not confuse the two.)

Many solutions were given to the character and the player for an IC situation and it is unfortunate that she didn't listen.

Even when her character was killed off by some IC event, she was IC'ly brought back because we, as a community, try to help new players and are looking for good antagonists (IN GAME, Not in the community).

This player, who had said they had played Shadowrun before, and who we were trying to help just wouldn't listen though many solutions were given BOTH ooc'ly and IC'ly, which is a shame since this game is rich with areas to explore and things to do when you go and LOOK.

Being told to fuck off and die consistently in game and out is rude and we don't want that around. Good bye.

I'll say this, this is a damn good community and if you're rude, don't bother joining.

But, if you want to be part of a great Roleplaying group (sandbox, not laid out quests - this isn't a tabletop RPG though there are some great GM's here) and live a Cyberpunk (CP) day to day life and figure out how to play as you explore and meet some of the 66 million people (players are over 200 I hear), then come on and join up.

Be patient and learn the ropes as you explore. This is NOT World of Warcraft or FF. This IS a do-it-yourself, involve others, ROLEPLAYING group, set in a dark, dark, future, 85 years ahead of our own time and a different timeline that is full of war, plagues, fighting, and backstabbing.

We welcome new players and go out of our way to work with them to ease them into the game.

Be patient, listen, learn the ropes, explore and meet people and you'll have fun like so many of us do, even when the storylines kick you in the teeth sometimes, or you manage to accomplish something another time. Ask questions, we'll be around to help you out.

- -

One last note, the GM's here are great GM's that volunteer their time to come up with plots for us based on our history & notes that we leave. (There area also coders, room makers, and other people volunteering their time that are awesome as well so a better experience can be had by all.)

I have personally experienced some things having to do with both my history as well as new goals and ideas I have come up with based on other plots or IC instances I've seen which the GM's took and ran with. They take the time to work with you on things and even give some reminders on things maybe your character should know or not know. :)

thecraftydragon steps off of the soapbox and disappears into the crowd somewhere in the 66 million people.