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Kill Your Clone in the Womb
A guide for new Fundamentalists

Thought it might be a cool idea for there to be a way to go to Sense/Net and terminate your clone, no refund. You'd have to pay 5000 for an entirely new map. Both for characters who want to reroll off into the wastes but dont want to do it twice/suicide once and then go -- and for characters who might do it for RP reasons.
Only if you have to watch it be fabricated, look at you through the tank, and then be destroyed.
I love this idea with the added bit of Reefer Madness. That you have to verify the destroyed status of the clone.
There's no actual body sitting in a warehouse that needs to be destroyed. Characters have digital maps of their brains and bodies that is uploaded into a body which is made after the first sleeve dies

That map data has been deleted for plot purposes before so the concept exists thematically, there's just no mechanism to do it.

I think this might be a good option and reduce a bit of cheesiness when trying to perm.
Yeah +1 to this, would make it less likely that someone can corpse clone you against your will too.
Extorting people to delete their clones seems like a fun threat, too.
i thought when you died, you had the option to reroll instead of doing "go clone"
You do not unless you have no clone.