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Kidnapping Tools
Add tools to enable non-vatting conflict resolution!

With the addition of the dressing command, and after the discussions during the Town Hall, I had the thought of adding a faraday bag that you can force over someone's head when they're unconscious or held still. This would make them blind and cut signal off from their SIC chip while it is still on their head. Good for corporate black-ops! Also, a simple non-faraday sack to just blind people, possibly worn willingly to take people from point A to point B without them knowing where they're going.

Zipties, for binding people's hands much like maglock handcuffs, but can be broken by people with sufficient strength. Also degrades over multiple checks, making them easier to break with every failure.

Any other ideas can be posted below. I think that making kidnapping easier would be one big way to decrease the amount of "no RP step out of the shadows" vattings going on. A lot of the time, in my experience, people may prefer to kidnap someone but do not want to deal with the absolute logistical nightmare that it poses without these sorts of tools, so they'd rather just kill people.

I think batko is 100 percent correct. People often vat instead of kidnapping because kidnapping is very hard, especially between sectors.

One Town Hall issue that I've been grappling with in my head is Mix play in general, and I think easier kidnappings might also make Mix play more vibrant. Kidnapping folks is such a great way to keep RP moving forward rather than just end in a vat.

It is possible this is doable already.
SIC denial isn't the only part of the idea that is important!
If faraday head bags and zipties exist already, we should surface those to more of the player base.
Wow, I was writing something very similar, you beat me to it.

The Faraday idea is even better (I was imagining just a black bag to block sight), but it's not even just kidnapping something like this would be helpful for. I've had several entirely benign jobs/plots I passed on because I'd need to move a friendly target through or to somewhere them being able to see was going to be a problem.

Notably characters in an AV can always check where they are, no matter where they are in the vehicle, which means transporting people is often impossible if there is any kind of secrecy involved.

I was honestly thinking to post the black bag idea here a few times. But I felt it could be abused by combat types if not kept in check to effectively disable other combat types with a successful grapple attack.

I personally did no raise this idea as I thought it would be shot down due to balance concerns.

Honestly though I ADORE The idea. Same with the zipties.

-As for additional ideas, throwable bolas to bind the ankles to stop people fleeing would be cool.

-And perhaps we could think on cyberware that could shoot them out as a module, or a module for cyberarms to cut ziptie bindings automatically!

As I said at the townhall

Mayhem over murder!

And this looks to me like it is going in that direction.

I feel like there's no abuse to be had here. If you already knocked the person unconscious in order to put these objects on them, you are already in a position to outright vat them. Most people would prefer the black bag, I think.

There may be abuse in regards to people doing kidnappings wrong (not following the rules set out for them) but in terms of gameplay balance, I think there's nothing particularly wrong with any of this. If you're already in a position to kill the person, then there's not much worse you can do to them than that.

Yeah, I don't think you would want to be able black bag people when they are restrained, only when unconscious. Just for balance reasons.
I don't see any issue if the character doing the grappling isn't the one making the forced-dress check.

Choking a character out, even with a massive stat advantage, takes like fifty hundred hours. Starts being easier to kill people again.

If it is only unconcious then you are absolutly right. But you mentioned 'or held still.' That was the only thing I was really thinking about regards balance.

If they can only be placed on unconcious people that is a different story.

Yeah, I agree that I'm not uncomfortable with teams doing it to a grappled person.

Kidnapper 1 grapples Victim A, and Kidnapper 2 puts the bag on. I think encouraging teams is good generally, and things that require teams are what are missing from Mix play.

I particularly like that COMBAT MONSTER 1 can do the grappling, and they can hire IMMY THUG to do the bagging. Things that allow people to reach across 'tiers' are good.

Possible abuse point: Bagging someone and walking away.

If you're conscious and not in a grapple, the bag should probably automatically come off.

Nothing about being blind prevents you from removing any clothing from yourself, including a bag on your head.