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Introducing the Crowd Pacifism Grenade!
introduced in partnership with Genetek Revival

The new ZMI CPG-001 Crowd Pacifism Grenade is a blend of cutting edge electronics and proprietary brainwave scattering technology designed to safely pacify entire areas at once. With this new throwable, our thin gold line can now stop even the most aggressive mob from damaging a single piece of corporate property with thrown rocks or misplaced intentions. See your requisition specialist for details!

The Idea: So, I learned recently that certain rooms prevent those inside from being able to take hostile action, much like a certain implant. The idea here is to have a throwable that functions in the same way, rendering a room temporarily pacified (with all of the same IC workarounds).

God no.

Last thing we need is -less- murder, please.

This actually exists already, just in a different...form factor.