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Internal bleeding via blunt weapons
Since we're posting new ideas...

We all know what would happen if you get hit in the ribs by a sledgehammer (Example), the ribs would shatter and skewer your internal organs or shred the insides of your body with bone fragments cutting the internal tissues because freshly broken bones are sharp.

So, with that on mind, why not give blunt weapons a chance to inflict internal bleeding like how blades and guns have high chances of causing bleeding on the outside?

Blunt weapons lack of bleeding is accounted for in other arguably superior ways.
Related, but I've long, long asked for injuries, and they should be weapon-type based.

Blunt for dislocations, fractures, etc. Cutting and stabbing for internal bleeding, dismemberment, organ damage, infections... Firearms would occasionally need the bullet(s) to be removed, or further complications arise. Rarer things like burns and poison would also be super cool.

All of these would be based on how much damage was taken and the victim's END, but I feel like it would add a ton of impact to fights and post-fight RP, rather than just drag to doc and wait until they type 'heal' five times. And it would make people value skilled medics a lot more (a rookie nurse is not going to know how to deal with a ruptured kidney) and potentially put people out of commission longer than however long it takes their stamina to regen, which opens up plotting opportunities and RP.

I really like this idea.
"Blunt weapons lack of bleeding is accounted for in other arguably superior ways."

This. I wouldn't even say arguably.