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Infectious yawning
An interactive social

Maybe a little bit in the vein of the handshaking socials being a back-and-forth interaction, why not make it so that when someone in a room uses the yawn social, anyone else in that room (or anyone watching/addressing them in a CROWDED room) has a small chance to automatically trigger a yawn social themselves and then, in turn, have a chance to propagate this again, perhaps with diminishing chance for those who already just yawned to yawn again.

It's mostly flavor and fun, but could also alert you to someone unexpectedly watching you, sometimes.

The brain scientists say that yawning after someone else yawns shows your emotional attachment to the yawning person. The sooner you yawn, the greater your emotional bond.
This feels infinitely trivial and like 99% of players would just ignore it, honestly.
Yes, but only if they catch ebola too?

I think you could easily RP this though without coded automation. Forced emotes are a bit of a bummer. I think the forced emotes should only be used for something really serious.

If we ever get PC to PC faction, this would work easily off that and affect NPCs too. The snakes roll in, king snake yawns and every snake yawns in response, lol.