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IC command to change SIC output color?
"I think in neon purple."

Easy enough. Option in the chelp menu to give you a list of colors to choose from?

Custom tailor your nightmare hivemind experience!

I personally like having SIC being a confusing jumbled mess because you'll be more likely to fuck up and thus... generate rp. Hey, motherfucker, I sent you a SIC and you never responded! Now I'm keeping all this precious chyen.
Which is why customization is fantastic, if you like it as it is, you can leave it. :)

My view is SIC might be 'noisy' for your -character-, but it shouldn't be for the -player-, particularly when different players might have very real accessibility issues with all that color running together as they try to parse extremely important information.

I mean, I guess. I like the concept of colors, but feel it would overall take away from the feel of SIC. Alternatively, I want 'ci chat' to still show your keys. That'd be cool.
I meant changing your OWN output for colors.

Honestly, the -feel- of the game would be entirely different from dark red to danger yellow or pastel purple. I'd love to see our new color options put to use this way. Even more hilarious when you get a super serious gritty threat from someone... And it comes to you in bubblegum pink.

Change the PC scroll from white and dark red to.... Whatever you'd like it to be!

Also, as per Feng's request, including a mention of how much processing power this would take up.

I had it stuck in my head that you'd be changing the general chat, keys, and private SICs to all different colors. That's what I'm against. If I can have my SIC be a crazy purple or monster energy green all across the board then fuck yeah
I had it stuck in my head that you'd be changing the general chat, keys, and private SICs to all different colors. That's what I'm against. If I can have my SIC be a crazy purple or monster energy green all across the board then fuck yeah
I think this would be good, or at least a color blind option. I think differentiating SIC chat would be nice as well. I know what some people say about it making room for possible fun mistakes, and this is a concept that has been used before. The reality however is that this has been tested countless times and UI should never be intentionally frustrating. Furthermore, it can create an unbalance due to disabilities. I've played with two players at least who have been frustrated due to eyesight issue and put at a disadvantage because of this.
Yeah, Stiza, that's what's being suggested (at least, that's the suggestion and discussion from the town hall that spawned this thread), the point is offsetting them because they're differing information that sit side-by-side but use the exact same color, which is sub-optimal in the best of cases, and a legitimate accessibility issue for some of us.
From an accessibility standpoint, I think having the ability to change the colors to something viewable for the player is important. Color-blindness or color limited is a thing that can really hinder a player, even though the character is "hearing" everything, crazy mess and all.
I would appreciate this very much. It is almost impossible for me to read the current dark red color without getting just a few inches from my screen!

I don't need anything super special, I just want to be able to read it from my chair!

Color and symbols communicate function in a text game. When compared against other such channels, the SICs color is part of our channel matrix and is limited in what colors can be allowed. Basically, its gotta stay red by default and the colors you'll be able to chose from when we implement this will be limited to other shades that degrade to dark red AND do not compete with other channels used, even by admin.

So, we're going to end up giving you a set of reds to choose from via an @option. Red with the pipe separators will continue to be how we communicate SIC visually. Also, why we would give an individual control over how the world feels? red is oppressive, red is conflict, red is passion. I've outlined how I'd like it done, but I want to let another coder learn how to work with the @options system instead of doing it myself.

In general, my suggestion is to use a color scheme like acid in the webclient. (@client-option colorset acid) I was careful to make sure all 16 core colors are usable with its colors. I generally find those who have a problem are continuing to use the traditional ANSI color palette. But the traditional palette wastes dark red and dark blue, limiting 16 color clients to about 10 usable colors. Traditional colors date back to the 80s. Dystopia is Pretty.

Even with Dystopia is Pretty, I can accept wanting to have options, and since we have so many shades of red, we can give you some. More to come.

I appreciate what Johnny wrote about the reason for choosing Red as the color for SIC.

I like the idea that we do not have any choice over it. Just like our characters did not have any choice whether or not to get a SIC implant when coming through the gate.

Yeah, I think if the shades can be varied enough this could work well, as it keeps things visually tied together (still the same color) but can offset them enough to de-clutter them (one could darken encrypted chatter, lighten private SICs for instance).
I am hearing two different ideas being talked about here. Some seem to be talking about one, some the other and the rest both.

Idea 1: I want to be able to choose from a selection of colors and have my SIC traffic displayed in that color.

Idea 2: I want different forms of SIC traffic to be in different colors.

Both: I want to be able to pick the color each for of SIC traffic is shown in.

My thoughts?

First, I don't like the "I think in $COLOR." Idea or anything else that suggests that IC SICs are anything text like at all. It contradicts with 'help sic' and feedback from staff. SIC is not text.

Also, I am like Idea 1. Especially the what Johnny presented it. A selection of possible red tones. But I do not like having different kids of SIC traffic in different colors. We can't make SIC seem like it is used by millions but having SIC be busy with various types of traffic that can make it hard to notice what you want to see it a step in that direction I think.

Reiterating on this point, SIC should be noisy for the character, not the player; we can RP SIC's themely nature being overwhelming without it having to actually be a taxing and negative player UI experience. Nothing conveyed by a UI should ever intentionally be obscurantive in nature, there's just no justification, especially when players come to that UI with a spectrum of potential accessibility issues.
Yes. You are reiterating your opinion. I am once again saying that I disagree with your opinion. I want it to be noisy for both the player and the character. That is my preference. I did not misunderstand you, I just don't want the same thing.
I'd just like a darker color for encrypted SIC messages.

As a newbie, seeing all of the encrypted messages so prominently was probably the one thing that made me want to quit playing.


Now that color customization options are being introduced (at least on the backend) for vehicles, it'd be nice to finally see mechanisms introduced allowing it for SIC, both as a QoL for everyone if they want it and a genuine accessibility feature, both of which have been requested for years.

SIC is red by design. We've given you options for it in @options sic.
True to form, lol.