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I know that future drugs could be clean, maybe the cheaper alternatives wouldn't. But smokables are a bit boring now.

I like the idea of making the smoke an ambient nuisance for other players that are in the same area. Maybe make their clothes smell? And potentially get them high if they stay around, even more so if they are in an enclosed room.

Also think about all the bakas you could annoy after lighting up a cigarette, be it at a board meeting or a mix bar. This might help spark up some RP.

Nice. Cars. Very much this for cars.
Fuckin' stoners.
I actually think you could pose and spoof this just as effectively as some code.
@Azriel I agree, but making it have small mechanical effects would annoy people even more.
Ergo has a good point there. Try sitting in a car for an hour with a bunch of pot-toking hippies puffing on fat blunts and see what happens if you walk back into your workplace five minutes later ;)
Leverage the fire code with a longer loiter time.

Watch hilarity ensue.