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High Indicators
I can see that you need a fix... but not if you're high!

I think it would be cool to have indicators like the ones that indicate that someone need a fix, but for when someone is currently under the effects of drugs (or alcohol, for that matter) such as having dilated pupils, jittery movements, red eyes, etcetera. Since many NPCs on the street are often shooting up or using their own drugs, it'd give them a little boost to their own personalities and how you often see them. It would also be an interesting indicator to other players for a lot of situational cues.

Currently, a lot of people use pretty hard drugs and pretty much just act like it's business as usual. The only thing that actually causes any noticeable RP effects is when you are actively withdrawing, from what I can tell.

I think this would be great use of a Forensic check when looking at someone.

I agree, this was confusing as shit to me too with drugs. You get like one message saying you get high, then all the sudden it's just an effect on your stats and X time later it's gone.

I think at minimum you should get the start and comedown messages, but some indication of highness outside of + - would be cool.

I feel like if it were to be a forensic check to see if someone is high, it should be extremely easy (depending on the drug I suppose) modified by the charisma of the subject, and it should be a similar check to see if someone is craving a fix.

Script Development: Drum Experience Scripts

As someone who utilizes drugs as a central element of their roleplay, I try my best to reflect my state in my dialogue, it would be entirely too cumbersome to constantly pose and reflect my bodies state/reaction as I go, so I try to put extra effort into my spoken behavior.

I would love some drug specific conditions/visible effects that help highlight my state without me constantly having to pose/emote it. Perhaps this could be something that could be hidden with disguise skill if someone was so inclined.

I consider this idea like bonus features to enhance an already manageable aspect of the game, but definitely down for it.

As with basically every subject in this vein, I think this should be left up to the player to express/present for their own character. Drugs give the player feedback about what they're feeling that they can choose to present as they like, or not, as they feel is appropriate.

I do agree it is a pretty good fit for forensics. Would Sherlock Holmes notice the subtle tell-tale signs someone was coming down from a marcy high. I'd say so.

I don't think drugs should necessarily force your character to do anything, but an indicator of the different 'tells' of being high such as jitteriness, dilated pupils, profuse sweating, etc, should be easily noticed. There are pretty common tells for a lot of drugs, especially the harder ones.

The issue with leaving this up to players to express is that there are a lot of players that simply ignore the effects of drugs in all ways but mechanical-- withdrawals have a coded effect to combat this, including an indicator in looks and glances.

I think making it a forensics check is a bit backwards. The onus should be on the drug user to hide the effects, not an observer to find them. In real life, it's extremely obvious to tell if someone is high if they don't go out of their way to disguise it. Not saying that forensics shouldnt play into it, but I think passive observers should be able to figure these things out if it's not being deliberately disguised or if the user doesn't have the proper skills in which to disguise it, in which case perception and forensic skill could help.

To clarify my post further in case its unclear, I was strictly advocating for the 'tells' like Batko mentioned above. I don't really think those should be optional in any way, all drugs hit differently and they all alter your appearance somehow, they shouldn't force you to take any actions against your will as a player, but I mean, if I don't have to mention my dilated pupils to everyone i encounter because just by looking or glancing at me, you can tell they're dilated based on coded conditions inflicted by the drugs I'm on, then hell yes, please and thank you.
Yes. Forced emits create a host of issues, but I see no downside to the following two things:

1. Having a line in your @stats that says "You are currently high on mRc" or "You are currently high on uppers" if you want to be more generic.

2. Having a line in your description that says "%N seems jittery and high."

Customizing the message to each drug would be nice but I don't even care that much. It could just be %N seems to be high" and that would be good.

If you are going to customize messages, I would have uppers (mRc, Exy, V, etc) say "jittery and high", downers (Dez, weed, etc) say "glassy-eyed and high" and hallucinogens (Lana, nana, etc) say "dazed and high."

Doesn't need to be complicated -- just some more texture from RP.

Weren't force scripts on drugs a thing before and then got removed because players found them spammy and annoying? Or am I tripping?
The issue with leaving this up to players to express is that there are a lot of players that simply ignore the effects of drugs in all ways but mechanical... real life, it's extremely obvious to tell if someone is high if they don't go out of their way to disguise it.

That isn't an issue, it's roleplay. Maybe those players have decided their daily hit of mRc doesn't have their character stumbling around, or they are roleplaying the effects in other ways, or they just have other things to focus on. These are highly advanced futuristic chemicals, there's no reason whatsoever they should all have cliche 'I'm so wasted!' effects.

And it's not obvious at all in reality if someone is taking X, Y or Z, it's basically media invention, but regardless realism should be secondary to gameplay and stock forced stock messaging for appearance or action is not a good thing, especially with a mechanic people have historically avoided because it was so negative with little upside.

If drugs mess with character's appearances or actions any further with drug scripts, many players will stop using them entirely and they'll go back to being @stat potions for specific tasks instead of something players incorporate into their roleplay for creative reasons.

I like the idea of a modification to a character's description in the same manner that withdrawal symptoms are indicated.

It would be great to know if someone is spun on uppers and numbed out on pain killers. In a game where drugs are used to give people an edge in combat, it is essential to be able to identify people who might be using them.

In the past it was brought up that any sort of forced emoting is going to break stealth. Please keep that in mind. The last thing anyone wants is to be just about ready to jump out on their target, only to have the ambush spoiled by...

Joe Baka shivers from the Vee running through their veins.

Yeah, forced emoting is terrible. But giving people more information about themselves and others is great.