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Hidden Art Installation
Look between the lines

Just like cameras, I think art should have an option to be hidden when installed. Nothing complicated, I just like the idea of leaving clandestine clues in the open for others to follow.
Love this idea. I'm not sure how much use it would see but the idea of art tucked away in narrow alleys that you only reveal by searching is neat. So is the idea of corporate feng shui that's readily visible but you need to search to connect the dots and see it for what it is.
This is a cool idea! You could also use it for abstract art that has to be viewed from a certain angle or something too.
Follow the trail, and X marks the spot.
art tucked away in narrow alleys that you only reveal by searching could probably be done with a @service-request, in absence of supporting code to automate it for the displayer.
Our systems already support this through admin intervention - anything without admin intervention would require code changes that are not really on the horizon right now. xhelp to speak with your local builder to discuss what you might like to accomplish and we can give you the yes/no/maybe/breakfast