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Helpfile metrics, order the words

I have a pretty straightforward suggestion, namely to create a help file - say help metrics - which will contain available descriptive words in spam from greatest to worst. Nothing more than that.

My reasoning for this is that as a non-native English speaker, and a new player, the text is sometimes very confusing - even though my PC would not be as confused about whether being physically rested is as rested as you can be, or is there may be some way you could rest even more and be, say, very well rested. By a similar manner, is recovering pretty slowly faster than just slowly? Since we are offered that distinction, it would be nice to have it in the open which one is better than the other.

More so that all those measures are virtually guaranteed to be known to experienced players already, so it's only the newbies who are left guessing, and trying to discuss this icly is just... awkward to say the least. So what would be the downside to having order of those metrics known to everyone alike?

I've been told the adjectives speak for themselves and thus will not be published as metrics, though at times I've been just as confused as you are.

I wouldn't worry about it, though. The point is to learn for yourself and the RP through it.

For example, if you're recovering pretty slowly, do some energy-draining activity and have your character learn for themself what their limits are.

While I try not stressing it, being confused by my own character on OOC level is a bit annoying. This actually gets even more confusing when looking at skills, I mean, is skilled better than adept? I honestly don't know, so have had to start my own scale notes OOCly.
and that's what you should do, you will learn what is better than something else as you play the game.

or go find a mentor and ask them instead ;)

The words aren't terribly useful - especially on stats. But I think that is fine. I, as a real person, don't walk around knowing that I am of average intelligence or just under average strength or poor endurance. There is no way for me to know any of that without interacting with the world.

Same for your character. Do you want to know how strong you are? See if you can lift that corpse your buddy can't or if you can hold that known strong guy in a hold. Want to know if you are more perceptive than that other baka? See if you can spot sneakers that he can't. The list goes on.

Also, knowing where you are on the scale isn't terribly helpful. At any given moment the 'best' can vary. Maybe right now has skill XXX and stats YYY and ZZZ. But in three months the best rifleman might be much weaker or stronger. The landscape changes and it is far more important to know where you stand in regards to the competition and not where you stand against a static scale.

The idea here is that Sindome is designed in so many ways to get you to go out and interact with others to succeed AND fail. Doing this will be the best way to know where you stand amongst the population of Withmore outliers (those people in Withmore that are NPCs or PCs and can afford things like Clones with ease). Why specify outliers? Because the rest are just ordinary or there about so that's easy!

Except that I can make that scale in a notepad and then know exactly where I am on it. I am not here for showing what those names actually mean, just a clarity so we don't need to keep external notes to know what the scale is.
You can make the scale on a notepad and then know where you are, yes, but that's called knowing from experience and actually playing the game, instead of knowing instantly from the get-go when you first join the game. That's like saying I know which stat affects which skill because I played the game, so it should be known to everyone too.

It doesn't work like that. If you experience the game and know where you stand, and understand the mechanics, that's on you. Other players still have to go through what you did to learn all the mechanics you know about.

I can definitely empathise with foreign language speakers about some of the unique challenges having english as a second language would introduce.

However, the proposed idea is not something we intend on doing. Look at it this way:

It's late and I'm tired. I was also tired last night. I've got no idea if I'm more tired now or less than I was last night.

But as expressed in other posts, the best way to learn these types of things is by getting out there and doing things.

We are always open to ideas that help increase clarity in different areas of the game in line with the current game experience, and we can always improve so feel free to suggest ideas as they come to you.