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Help gangs
A bit of clarity on what is common knowledge

There are few OOC rules/important points for gangers to know and follow, but alas they do not have a help file, relying more on xhelp/OOC message passing along, etc. Which is not best, and I think it would be of great benefit to have "help gangs" which will explain the following:

1. Rules on farming, aka that you are not supposed to take more than one big item per week from NPC gangers. It's especially hard to pass down this one icly when you have a lot of people RPing, and sometimes doing, the very opposite, often beating up and looting/stripping gangers. It makes it pretty hard to convey to players, as a player, why we shouldn't do that with that background.

2. Explain that all business in red are very much shaken-down by gangs and pay tolls for the protection. This is something that will probably be obvious to our characters icly, but to find out that this is the case as a player is problematic. You honestly can even be in a gang and not know about the behind-the-scenes tax that businesses pay to gangs. And this has a significant impact on a lot of IC stuff, so I think having this as common-knowledge helpfile would help with this.

I was going to add one more point, but as I wrote it, it grew big, so likely should be its own thread. Hopefully having a handy help file like that will make for less awkward RP of trying to explain why farming NPC gangers is bad, even though it's what a lot of people expect to be the core of ganger life, and seems like an easy cash intake.

Oh but according to some people I asked in local OOC it's NOT one item per week as long as you don't --profit-- too much. It's confusing especially after I asked and got a large amount of answers stating 'no, one item per week' on xhelp and the first player I ask does it multiple times.

For that part, there should definitely be a helpfile explaining it.

The second one...I dunno it could be fit in. IMO that's far more common knowledge and understandable though.

Kinda why I want that as a helpfile, as every time I try to explain that to a player, it turns into pretty lengthy OOC debate, completely derailing the RP. And I am just relaying the message I got through XHELP multiple times.

As for the 2nd point, I imagine that its common knowledge ICly, but not os much ICly. And just like we have common-knowledge wikis, like on drugs, organizations, etc, it would be of nice benefit to have the biz-ganger relations available for players, so they can RP that common knowledge.

I was actually in the process of writing up a request that we have a helpfile for the most relevant bullet points for ganging, because there is a LARGE burden of knowledge for ganging and it's expected that this information is passed down 'generationally' but this does not always happen- leaving large IC knowledge transfer gaps.

It's also burdensome in that if you don't have those IC resources, you basically have to burn a bunch of staff time via puppets, getting yelled at on xhelp, key chatter, etc.

Here's a few things I'd like to see included on a help file myself:

>Code grey areas: What is/is not okay in neutral turf. Red text, dipping, disarms, grapples, etc.

>>What constitutes neutral turf? Is it anything with a bartender? Jah Love? Tony's? Etc.

>What you need to take to your gang leadership vs handle yourself.

>What items should you ask your gang leadership for help with? Chy, special jobs, etc.

>Rank structure, meanings for each, number of pledges vs bloods allowed, general membership information, etc.

>Basic view from 10K on the gang council.

Finally, to address #1 Marleen- it's been my experience that the gangs are not created equally or even operate by the same rules or principles. Staff seem to have some form of a balancing act going on that seems to be working, but if you do feel that someone is taking advantage of the game, I think that's a conversation for them and not for the boards.

Yea, I raised the concerns I had to staff already so they can make sure it's all up to par. Though if there is a different set of OOC rules for different gangs, well, that's another thing I just don't know, even OOCly, not to say ICly.

And a lot of the points you have mentioned, oh god, having them in a helpfile would save me so many embarrassing moments/puppet requests, etc. So yes, please. I can actually ask gang leaders for help with some items? When most puppet requests constitute of various forms of yelling, the idea of then asking for something doesn't even strike into minds.

To explain, I don't mind the fact that those NPCs are very mix, more than most players, but when that is combined with lack of knowledge being passes down whelp.
I like to think of leadership as Gordon Ramsey.

If you read between the strings of cussing, you probably can find some meaning there.

I have a solution for this, RP with gangers. The one that are established should know anything and everything you want to know about the 'behind the scenes' and everything else and if they don't you can find out together, discovery is part of the game.

Also I have to say that I don't enjoy RP with people who break immersion by OOCing to debate what is and what isn't against the unwritten rules. Also if you RP and fuck up you find out a lot of the things that are wrong and it will be way more interesting than reading a help file, but that's just me.

@Ergo, I was asked by staff to make sure to pass this message along about those rules. Not my first choice either, but trying to explain that limit icly is sometimes problematic.
xooc I think maybe a progressive help file, like, "Help gangs" for the non-pledges

Then once you pledge, you get access to "Help pledging" which basically gives you the breakdown of how to earn chedder and impress your boss.

And then once you hit newblood, perhaps a help file that's like, "help what is my stupid cunt of a pledge doing this time and how do I make them stop." Which explains how to pass on the information not included in the other help files as well as explains some easy stuff to teach them.

FWIW - It might be common knowledge among gangers that merchants pay taxes, but it's new info to me as a player.
My personal take on this as a GM:


I am not convinced that 'help gangs' is a good idea. When you go to a new country you don't magically know that there are gangs. Who the gangs are. How they operate. Who pays them. None of it. You learn it by digging into the criminal underbelly of that new place. I'd rather see characters do the same here on Sindome. Do your research, ICly.


I do like the suggestion and have created a help file for this. We have to spend quite a bit of time laying these guidelines out to new players and even old players who are dipping their toes into new aspects of the game or who last played when things were handled differently. A help file on this is a good thing.

Fair enough Mobius, appreciate the help farming - it alone is of great help and was my biggest issue. So thanks a lot!