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Half empty or half full?
Telling if bottles are full or nearly empty

Hi all,

Just a quick idea. With food, we can tell if it has been untouched or eaten, or what have you, but we don't have this for big bottles of alcohol. Wine bottles, vodka, et cetera. Would it be possible to add something where we could tell if a bottle has been opened, is two thirds full, half full, or nearly empty? That sort of thing. It can be kind of confusing when you have lots of booze for an event, but can't tell if all the bottles only have one serving in them.


Why not have it act like a fuel gauge? Like this..

You see a Vodka

A drink. It's half empty.


In addition to that, perfume and body sprays showing some level of fullness would also be nice. We can somehow see how full a can of spray paint or a disposable lighter is, but that bottle of perfume is a mystery.
Isn't there already something ingame that does exactly this? Pretty sure there is
Ah yes, find out IC by drinking all of it.


*accidentally drink full bottle instead of glass* *start crying*

Really though, it would be nice to add even a small estimate like with lighters and makeup. Even with non-transparent glasses, you would think the character can slosh it around for a guess on if you can get drunk right now or need to start hiring a runner. :-P

No like I swear there is literally cyberware that does this to super specific levels