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Hacking Chyen

So I have been thinking of ways to improve the grid. As it is right now people don't even use their own nodes. I played a decker for awhile and got to use one of those fancy NLM Terms. About all I could do as a hacker was put up my own node on the grid, and edit other peoples nodes illegally. This needs improvement but aside from that, what if you want to hack some quick flash? In real life people steal credit cards, and rob banks electronically. I am suggesting deckers can steal money from the grid the same way thieves can pick your pocket. For example we add a few ATM's around to get chyen out of the bank. Then deckers can illegally steal money from the ATM's. Would that be cool or what?
I got another idea for making money off the grid. We could have an ebay like node where people could buy and sell stuff second hand. Literally an auction. This would be link a fence on the grid, kind of like the classifieds already there but it would allow people to upload money to the grid through the bank and transfer it to other people who are selling through the grid. People buying through the grid who got scammed could file complaints that would be listed on the auction site. If someone stole your quick term, or cracked your password they could hijack your online finances.
For your second idea...

Could you not just use the forums and grid mail each other or reply to the post? Is it not the same thing?

Well there is no real difference to going to the store and buying a book than their is going to amazon and ordering a book online. Money changes hands and ownership of an object is switched. The idea is to actually use the grid for something, and what I suggest we use it for is to create a virtual economy in the game.
An important thing to note is that implementing that sort of online vending system would diminish certain core aspects of RP like hiring runners to deliver goods, arranging the purchase and negotiations, plus the ever present fear of a deal going bad.

Great idea, but sadly sometimes solutions can be problems with the overarching theme and goal of the game.

I mean, couldn't you just post a post underneath a forum? Rather than making something that serves for the same purpose? You would still be using the Grid, right? And you would still need to transfer the money (in which it could be face to face or some other way) and you would still get what you wanted through using the Grid.
It was my impression that things like this would be done using the @notes and roleplaying it out. I always assumed there was a lot more going on with the grid than what we can see and do with it, businesses using it, automated systems, banking, etc. It would be cool if there were a couple more things that could be attempted without direct GM assistance.
I'm not talking about online vending. We would still have runners, and I think it would increase their importance actually.
I do really like the idea of hacking for chyen, as long as the system would allow for some kind of system for getting caught, and opposing that with some kind of preparation or proper use of the proper equipment.

@notes does allow you to RP it out, if GMs like the idea for plot reasons they tend to let you RP it out. As a decker there's been a few times I've wanted to hack ATMs and CCTV cameras etc just for the feel.