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Guns , ammo, chrome and weapons..
making the mix just a little more dangerous...

So ive been thinking about making the mix just a little more dangerous and whilst i appreciate all the hard work that Jinx and the GMs have recently put into weapons and currently armor i've been thinking about more weapons that would be great to see in the mix.

so in no particular order of preference the following i think would be great to see..

*disclaimer some of these might have already been suggested (and maybe dismissed) but i thought id list them all in one place here and may infact already be in the game and have included them in my ignorance.

** 2nd disclaimer, i in no way am trying to swing things away from RP and make this hack and slash or in this case bang and boom.. but combat and danger are an essential part of withmore and the mix and hopefully most of these are with added RP in mind.


- More grenade types. including non lethal grenades

1) CS/tear gas grenades , crowd control in places like gold/green . but plenty of fun to be had for mixers in a crowded bar.. For when you want to flush out your target from the drome but dont want to throw a real nade and waste the room . I dont know how hard this is to code, but something that *marks* a room as temporarily having a negative affect on say perception, endurance and maybe agility to represent the effects of the gas.

2) smoke grenades , similar to the one above but maybe just provides a localized affect similar to dark rooms ( things like thermo would work but torches maybe not).

2a) White noise generators - not the sonics we currently have but something that will override or mute loud noises in an room for ambushes and such. "disable the sic ..kill the electronics and cancel the noise.. now bring the pain"


3) nade launchers.. similar to throwing but just more atmospheric and the chance to shoot someone (do one off damage) or fire one into a room or vehicle would be aces cool

4) RPGs - been raised before but oh hell yeah.. how much fun would they be.. into buildings, vehicles .. people.. wham.. fry up city with this puppy.

5) Gun arms. - Cyber ware implanted guns, one off shooters / backup hold up shooters that are similar to a pop pop.. ie limited ammo capacity and length reload. but the element of surprise would be great RP fun. cyber arm unfolds and blammo.. double barrel arm gun to the face! :)

6) plastic guns. smuggling that shit under peoples noses and past detectors. would be need to have low damage and low ammo capacity and other limiters to prevent abuse but again "surprise bitches.. eat plastic!!"

7) improvised guns and cheap knock offs. - real low quality shooters. cobbled together numbers, old disused shit.. stuff that has a chance of blowing up in the users faces but is understandably cheaper to get hold of.. things that add an element of spice to your new immie with a gun.

8) Stun guns - very open to abuse if it worked like a stun gun but i was thinking might be a nice alternative for corpies and more like the cobra in neuromancer.. nothing any serious mixer would own but something with a bit of a charge that gives a bonus to hit to start with and then just becomes a baton.. even the odds when your strength is shit but you wanna rumble with a melee weapon.

9) More themed martial arts hand to hand weapons. this would just be a nice to have but id like to see some more themed hand to hand weapons. I know this was raised recently but it be great to see some more cyber punk themed weapons.

* Shock-Nucks to replace the brass ones.

* extendable bo staffs ( think Babylon 5 minibar fighting pike)

* Thunder-Chucks - Numchucks but make a cool light and sounds like thunder when your whirling them expertly or inexpertly about your head.

* Tonfa ( More defensive orientated weapons like tonfas that incur a bonus to dodge/deflect and counter strike but do less damage attacking.

Ammo types & Quality

10) Different types and quality of ammo would be great.. from armor piercing to hollow point.. i know this would be quiet some work but might go nicely hand in hand with armor types... adds a nice tactical element, is your target wearing armor or not? damage versus penetration? ..

11 ) Also quality of ammo doing different amounts of damage.. The ability to over charge a bullet (ie hot load with more or high explosive gunpower ,= more damage but with potential to blow , % dependent on skill of the gunsmith loading it) .. "oh you running hot rounds in that smudge.. i hope you got a good source or that shit gonna jam or just explode on ya ass"

12) Reloading magazines. Currently and i might be wrong, its impossible to reload a half spent magazine. would be nice to have to be able to do this. transfer x rounds from one mag to another.. to you can keep one mag topped up by using up another.

13) non lethal rounds - knocks them unconscious but doesnt kill..

Gun Modifications

14) Stands, grips and rests. So we have scopes and barrels why not stands.. improve accuracy but something else to deploy and take down further making you vulnerable unless you got some watching ya ass.

14a) grips could be a minor bonus to accuracy ( i know this one might be a little too far into the combat and a little too COD or what not and its one that doesn't necessarily sit comfortably with me as this is RP not combat sim) but anything that lets people spend flash and customize their murder tool of choice might be cool.

15) thermal scopes.. for night ambushes and use with smoke grenades. get the drop on your opponent with this handy little night sight.

16) kill cams scopes - so you want to collect that bounty.. prove and replay to your client or the whole city that you iced that mo fo from afar. Take the shot and upload the footage to the grid or the tv..

Heavy metal.

- this is an area i have the least experience with ingame.. but it would be cool to have some big big big ass guns. i know there is a heavy sniper and a mini gun ( thanks rampage).. but id love to see some serious heavy metal in game that takes some serious chrome / exo suit to even carry.. shit this is the cyber punk future right.. lets seem some big ass cyborg guns out there, even if they are in the hands of GMS only... :)

Anyway as always just my random thoughts and 2 chyen, some of them might be fun and add a little extra spice to the mix.

Can I just say one thing?

Most of the things on your list are already designed and waiting code for the second past of weapons, also others already exist in game.



I don't know which things are waiting for code, but the cyber-arm-gun thing... I like that idea. Something small though... like 9mm bullets, the last knuckle of your pointer finger folds back and the bullet shoots out of the end of your finger(finger banging lol). Have a magazine that holds like 6-8 bullets and you need to go back to a cyber doc to reload. That way it would be used almost exclusively for surprise attacks.
I'd like to see the super squirt III from Shadowrun.

Now before you laugh this is an extremely dangerous weapon.

It shoots gel packs of a compound of DSMO combined with whatever neurotoxin you include.

It penetrates the skin quickly and into your bloodstream as if you had injected it.

Of course certain things have to be adjusted so it isn't overpowered.

Must be extremely expensive.

Limited ammo.

Hard to come by ammo for it.

Neurotoxin should be the weaker ones that people can survive but can mess you up like hallucinations.

I do quite like the idea of any gun arm to require special tools or skills to be reloaded. It counter-acts the advantages given by it not being normally stealable or visible.
"Can I just say one thing?

Most of the things on your list are already designed and waiting code for the second past of weapons, also others already exist in game.



Awesome news !!.. and we love you too Jinx!! ( and all the other GMs too adding this shit!) keep up the good work introducing mayhem, pestilence, disease and famine!!

Game on!!