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Gridphone listening enhanced
Hearing what's going on with your chums

Progia 7s are supposed to be so shit you have to STRAIN to hear the actual person talking to you over it.

I think this is a nice suggestion, sure, but it'd be basically putting people and some certain IC items out of question. You can already do all this, just not through a phone line.

Well, it -could- realistically work for higher end phones since the quality of sound would be better -- but then would I use a Progia 9/11 for this, or use another IC tool which is around the same cost that does basically the same thing?

Something to think about.

Don’t say 9/11.
It's a neat idea but I personally dislike it. I've had so many phone calls where you're plotting with the person standing next to you in meatspace while multi-tasking with your call (or maybe even plotting -about- the person you're on the phone with). This would make doing so a hassle.

I'm not saying it's not a good thought, questionable if it's more realistic (eg, maybe future phones have incredible noise filtering technology for just this reason), but I just think it would be annoying to have to worry about.

Cool idea. Phones should be easy information leaks. They're unsafe plotting mechanisms. Go for low tech instead.
I have a suspicion this would decrease the quantity of public RP.
Or maybe you flip it. The better the phone, the less chance of this happening because the on-board software package prevents it. Maybe on your Progia-11 you register your voice and it prevents other voices from being picked up.

Or maybe this is a separate item that can be slotted into a phone to accomplish the same thing. Being able to bug someone else's phone would be very OP but would also give secure techs another move. You want to create true paranoia, worrying that someone dipped your phone, walked a room over, stuck a bug on it, then planted it back in your pocket without you realizing...

@ynk That's a concern.
I'm pretty sure you can already bug phones.
I like this idea. I'm not sure if it's viable from a code perspective, but if it is it would be a great addition.


Not that you'd plan on robbing or murdering someone IRL, but would you REALLY be on the phone with your target while you're talking to someone else about doing that exact thing? It seems like a huge risk. "Oops, I forgot to mute the phone. Now Mark knows we're trying to set him up. Back to the drawing board."

@ranger: I think that's just phones glitching. I've had phones make some absolutely bizarre "sounds" come out of them.

Do it all the time, chum. Laugh villainously, too.


No there are actual ways to bug phones.

All this will accomplish is adding one more obstacle to private social RP in a game rife with them. Hard oppose.