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Two parter, be ready.

I'm not an app developer, so if there are any app-dev's in the house, I'd appreciate opinions on this thread.

Okay, this is going to be long winded (probably) because it is a BIG thing, and could be a great step in Sindome's future.

A question came up on using The Grid on mobile browsers, and it got me thinking. Instead of going through the process we currently go through to access the Grid, what would the feasibility of having an actual Grid app developed be? Something that would allow us to log into the Grid from our phones, with a proper fancy app. This'd be great for the Grid 3.0 release, and with all the new mobile integration I believe we're getting, would push us that little bit further for our quality of life when it comes to Sindome.

I'm not quite sure what it takes to make an app, I work in a much different section of IT from that. But, if there was an interest in it, it'd definitely be something I know I personally would want to be a part of the development for. I understand the chances of this happening are extremely slim, but it would also be good exposure for Sindome to have some sort of app on the appstore as well.

Part 2

This second part will be the IC change side of it, and technically unrelated to part one. Just an idea that came to mind while I was thinking about the first part of this mostly unnecessary post.

I think it's strange that proggies are called Gridphones, and yet have no actual access (to my knowledge) to the Grid. So, perhaps we could add something to the Prog-11 that allows an owner of one to access their Gridmails, and browse forums via their phones. I know this would devalue quickterms slightly, but even if it was just limited to gridmail, it could add a new type of conflict for dips and deckers; stealing phones to spy on people's gridmail, or lowjacking phones and returning them before they were noticeably taken. Grid hacking in its limited form is one of my favorite things in SD, most of my non-combat chars were deckers, I love the theme (as someone who works in cyber-sec a lot myself).

Giving Prog-11s a Gridmail option just feels right. Who doesn't want to check their mail while they're stuck on the levs, or waiting for that joy they ordered down from the mix to come up and spit ebola in their mouths?

It could even be a feature for a newer, better Proggy. Though, we don't really need one of those right now.

What with people who don't have phones?

Making Grid 3.0 have a decent mobile, responsive design will be more than enough as far as an app goes. Making it a -web app- which meets all the modern standards would be a great idea and I believe that's currently what's being done.

to be honest I don't think there's many people who don't have a smartphone nowadays, your idea still stands though
I am all for webapp, especially as on desktop you can do: chrome.exe --app= and have grid running as a separate application - adds a nice feel to it.
Please consider that mobile apps aren't just whipped up and they require weeks or even months of design, development, and testing. We only need a web version of the Grid.
I didn't even consider webapp, actually. Though, that's probably the better, simpler way of doing things.