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Graffiti on cars/people
All aboard tags mobile!

It may be that I am missing something, but there doesn't seem a way to tag cars/people with spraypaint. Which is a shame as I think it would be awesome to be able to hold someone down and then spray paint their face green, requiring spraying of solvent to remove it - which I imagine would hurt like hell. A lesser extent of forcing a tattoo on someone.

Similarly, I would love to be able to tag cars, leaving a mark on the enemy car until they get a can of solvent and clear it up. Would also create a job for immies to clear cars/bikes etc.

I think if you tag stuff, you should have to walk around with paint on your fingers for a while.
Sounds good to me! Temporary addition to @nakeds/gloves/whatever you had as upmost layer after tagging. If they have a change of gloves, good on them for being prepared.
Yeah, spray on the fingers after tagging sounds fun. How would that work with small-worlding/ambient pop stuff though?

Can you hear that a 'puny lad in a teal hoodie just tagged Badgers Turf with pink spraypaint', then catch a puny lad in a teal hoodie with pink spray paint on his hands a few blocks away and assume it's them?

Also, spray to the face is nice (horrible). Stat debuff? -charisma for messy face and -perception for stink of paint in my nose? :/

I initially thought about debuffs but then thought - well, now there is a new thing to use in combat to get an advantage. And that complicates stuff, while I mainly want less-permanent ways to screw with one-another.
I would assume spraying someone requires them to be helpless, so either they trust you to spray them (lol, baka), or they're asleep, or already being grappled by your chum?
If it can be done in a way that it can't be abused in combat, I am all fine with it!
Ooc: yea just type “@trust me to spray” real quick man


Always carry a sharpie into battle.
Make it like San Andreas where you can blind people if you get jumped.