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Give regional NPCs languages
Add a bit more flavor and immersion to boroughs

Currently it seems MOST NPCs only speak english (with some also speaking mash).

I would propose that NPCs that remain in a specific borough should also speak the thematic language of that borough, while NPCs that frequent it should also speak it (probably nowhere near fluently though).

The idea here is to allow for even more use of language than currently exists, and create opportunities for players that are attempting non-english playthroughs to have access to at least some of the same coded systems that are in place for newbies.

Borough Examples

San Mayo - Spanish

Little Koyoto - Japanese

Gulag - Russian

Chinatown - Tagalog

Green Central - Euro

Why would Green citizens speak Euro? It's a street language.
Most NPC's are Bilingual, who speaks what is FIOC :)
@Wonderland - There's a few french themed shops up there, seemed like fun.

@Fopsy - That is incorrect.

Our experiences differ then.
I can say with certainty that you should FOIC about this stuff. Fopsy is not incorrect. It also lines up with what you might imagine.
Please stop derailing the thread. If you believe everything is fine, you have no reason to post in here.