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Give NPCs clothes
Help combat smallworlding!

I would greatly enjoy seeing NPCs, especially mementos/tourists wearing clothes. I think by pulling from the clothing voting system, or the pool of clothing in the markets, these NPCs could have outfits on them that would help somewhat alleviate small-worlding.
Ah yes, killing your first shroud only to find out you can't take the shroud from them... That was a good one.

Equipping random NPCs with assorted gear/clothes could be fun, especially if they also have randomized skills/stats (if they don't already). Encourages people to fuck around on turf and get into trouble.

I like this, though pulling clothing descriptions from the clothing voting system could be really disappointing if you've been searching for a specific one-of-a-kind garment only to see that it's not stealable.
So if I am not misremembering, there was a project in the fixit channel I think, about this exact thing. Making NPCs look more like PCs, you can probably still ask around and even volunteer for this. That being said, I expect that MIX npcs aren't going to be lootable to prevent abuse, etc. This is a good idea.
I'm not sure it would be much of an issue with 95% of the mix NPCs wearing immie clothes. Sure you can loot them, it really worth it? They bought those pants for 50, what's the resale now that thy got three slashes and blood spattering?