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Get all from X to ignore !take items

So the looting unconscious players loop is a bit silly at the moment. Because "get all from X" goes through all items, every time, including those that cannot be taken, usually as they are worn. As a result, the usual loop is applied of get all, "attack X", get all, attack again and get. With occasional strip/frisk along the way.

This is a bit silly, and always reminded me of whack a mole, especially when often enough you just want the loose items, not strip someone naked, and it would be a better experience for everyone when it's done in one go. AFAIK this cannot even be done with a cooperative victim, as they may be too winded to hand over the items, and I don't see @trust for looting.

So could we maybe make it so get all from X, against unconscious players, only goes over the loose items? Saving on having to repeatedly knock them out.

I've talked about this very issue with staff. It's intentional. You're not supposed to be stripping people bare with a KO.
This is not to circumvent it though. Result is that get all would SKIP the worn items, allowing you to swiftly just get the loose items. If you want to strip items, still have to strip them first.
I mean, right now if someone wears a lot of layers stuff, say armor + clothes+ few slings, even getting to the loose items may take longer than the person stays knocked out.
I realize. It's intentionally a pain in the ass to loot loose items and also to strip layers.

If you want to get everything from someone, be prepared to invest the time, or to take it off their corpse.

Is it though? I mean, you just want to beat someone and get the stuff of their pockets, that's fast. Why does the time to loot should depend on the amount of clothes to wear? And the cycle of knockout/loot is just not fun for either side, and kinda encourages doing it as long as you want, and are done stripping them clean (because, hey the loot command is going, lets toss few more strip X into the mix while waiting). Killing isn't always an option, for IC reasons.

I don't think you understand what others are saying here. Or do you understand, but you don't like the answer?

The way "get all" currently works is intentional. If you are trying to get everything from someone, you have to work around their clothes and whatever else they are wearing.

That seems pretty realistic to me.

I understand but disagree, this whole topic is because I disagree with the current mechanics for simple gameplay reasons. As the system, as is, decides looting order on game-able factors (you can make yourself very slow to loot if you wish so) which then leads to the whack-a-mole game, when all you want is to just take the loose stuff.

I can do the whack-a-mole just fine, you are already beaten, knocking you out again is easy. But is it really fun for anyone, even when both sides agree to not do it, well, vic likely won't have the energy to give out items.