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GeneTek and You!
The tedious task that is death, and cloning.

So, as we know; we have many different technologies in Withmore. One of which that boggles me particularly is the cloning/gene manipulation. Flavor wise, I've seen it mentioned that people can pay for gene manipulation (70-80 year olds being in a 16 year old body etc), but when it comes to actually cloning, we don't have a lot, despite what the Genetek/Sense-net flavor texts say.

Anyway, to tl;dr this. I think alternative types of clone should be available; maybe even new sleeves entirely, that look completely different to how our current looks (Think Altered Carbon) these of course would cost a bomb. Maybe even attach a risk of complications to the more high-tech clones (DCD risks increased etc)

Obviously, I'm aware this is a long-shot, and the code changes would be significant. But for something that could open up plenty more routes in many different things just by altering something we view as the norm. It'd certainly make things more interesting to see a baka you just creased appear in a meatier, all-round nicer clone, or see him pop out with major DCD.

Don't think that the other corporations would let Genetek do that.

You have ViriiSoma with shit like gills and injections that alter you, Saedor with Chrome, and Cordoba Wellness Center does biomods.

I completely agree. The options to change your looks drastically already exist IC.
I was thinking more directly clone-related with the idea of the post, and I could definitely see the other corps having issues with it. But, that also leads to corporate espionage RP opening up, aka more opportunity for plots.
From the Timeline:

2051.6 The UNGDC task-force on clone technology releases the First International Clone Treaty, FICT. The treaty bans all genetic re- mapping of the human genome for 'military, industrial, or corporate use' as well as the wholesale use of clones to bolster the work force or populace of a nation. The collective nations of the world agree to the treaty, and sign. In a surprise move the UN demands that all transnational corporations with corporate incomes over 15 billion Australian dollars per annum sign the treaty. Genetek is infuriated, and refuses. The rest of the world's corporations, in a surprise move of solidarity, all sign the treaty and threaten military and economic action if Genetek does not agree. Genetek, with no recourse or choice, signs the First International Clone Treaty.

Fact of the matter is, Genetek isn't powerful enough in the Corporate Council to pull this off without their CEO getting his brains blown out immediately. It can't happen. :p
Also, I would stress that Sindome and it's cloning technology is not, in my opinion synonymous with Altered Carbon and it's clone technology. Don't get me wrong, I loved the book and the series but from what I can see the worlds headed in very different directions when it comes to this. Sure there are some parallels but also some differences in my opinion.

For example, in Altered Carbon it was common to be sleeved in a very different body then the one you were in last time. In fact, this was the budget option. In the books you'll see that the option of having a new you on ice was only done by the very rich.

Budget was whatever empty human was on hand. Low-mid was synthetics and choice empty humans. Mid to mid high were custom designer clones but these were like sports cars. They had makes and models and all in a series looked the same. And new you was high end and for rich people. And enhanced new you was for meths.

In Sindome the only legal option is a non-enhanced new you. Now, I'm sure that some VERY rich bakas or chummers who really work the system have managed to get customizations made to their clones or managed to get sleeved into a new body that wasn't just a copy of them. But this is like CEO level or plots that move the world.

It's also why I am not a fan of directly comparing the opening scene of Altered Carbon (the series) with your typical clone out in Sindome. We are not waking up in a completely different body with the traumatic memories of our death fresh in out minds. We are waking up in out own bodies with no memories of our death. One minute we are sitting in the pod and the next we wake up in the vats. Disorienting? Sure. Directly comparable to Altered Carbon? No.

And I guess that you COULD imagine deals brokered between the corps. It might be logical fir GeneTek to offer to auto-install nanos and chrome as ordered when you update, charge heavily and pay ViriiSoma and Saedor-Krupp for the privilege. But then you are taking the high possibility of getting players involved out of the picture and that is usually not something I am a fan of.

Anyways, just my 723 cents. :-P