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Gang initiation
Get beat in a lil' corner

As of the current state, the new gang policy supports gang RP, but I think it's still a bit hard to actually join a gang. The current prerequisites seem a bit daunting to new, or low UE characters, especially without actually having any gang support.

I'd like to propose some kind of initiation, something like having to get beat up for thirty seconds/a minute/whatever period, by a couple of gangers, or having to do a sewer run, a heaven run, a park run, heck, it could even differ from gang to gang, but something that allows you to become a rookie member, so you'll have some limited backup so you can do the other stuff like tag turf, or get in fights with other gangs, and climb the ranks that way.

I think gang initiations ending in the tattoo/mark of the gang would be great.

Ideas for individual gangs

Sinners: Something train related - maybe a beat the train dare thing? Something to show daring with already implemented pieces in game

Heaven Boyz: Fight or spar in the center of the death net, or similar.

Jesters: Need to be something childish but brutal, maybe something riddle or fairytale related with a brutal or dark twist.

Absolutely agree with initiations. Getting 'jumped in' to the gangs is something I always wanted to see. If these are going to be newbie-friendly factions, this is a better way to prove their loyalty without asking them to do some badass stuff they haven't quite figured out yet.
Yes! Please! YES! Gang initiation up until now has been run us fucking drugs and don't do dumb shit. An initiation like getting your ass kicked by the gang or running the sewers or stealing another gangs Exy. That shit is how a gang should bring in new members. It was just a matter of if the kings saw you running around beating other gangers in their gangs name until now.

Bring in some initiation tests for up and coming gangers that don't involve them having to gather up high powered gangers to go beat up other gangs for a little Rep.

Generally joining a gang is months of blowing money on gearing up NPCs, buying and selling things to them, eating into your weekly earning cap and making little to no profit while you're at it. Meaning your income stagnates. And fighting other gangers. As a newbie character, without atleast a couple months under your belt, I don't see it really being possible to join a gang, especially not as a new one, without leaving yourself in some seriously dire straits for long periods of time.
I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I agree that the joining process can be quite long and expensive. There are ways to deal with ICly but it is not really immy friendly. Plus, one of ht ways to gang rep in the past (killing other gangers) is no longer a thing.

It's not half so bad if the gang you want to join has a PC member. They can give you advice. Back you up. Make the process a million times more bearable - part of why the gang with PCs is most likely to have more PCs interested in joining. But I don't see things changing here any time soon really - though I have high hopes thanks to the new ganger code.

On the ohter hand, joining a gang is a big deal and not at all like getting a job at most other places. You are joining a family. It changes your character's entire direction (good luck going topside or getting on at TERRA, CGH or SCF after being in a gang) and is generally considered a huge commitment. Loyalty is key and blood is spent on you behalf. I'd be worried that by turning this into some kind of cheap, five minute RP and your in system that players really wouldn't understand the gravity of joining a gang.

If some kind of jump in process was implemented, I'd prefer it to involve a task that binds the player closer to the gang and bonus points if it makes leaving the gang a death sentence (or at least makes leaving the gang really bad for you for a good while).

I think one of the things lacking in the gangs, is the character of the individuals. Meeting the individual gangers. Short of going up to the gang, and attempting to get each individual talking to you in some manner, really it's going to be a long time before it would feel like you have any reasonable relationship with a gang.

I mean, I'm sure all the gangers have their backstories, motivations, their own character. But how do you as an outsider interact with that? What makes JoeBaka2013 different from JoeBaka3102, aside one likes to wear their pants low? And 2013 was a cunt that time when he mugged you, while 3102 was business like?

I think there needs to be some process whereas an outsider, you get a chance to learn the difference between the Sinners, and the Snakes, and the Arteries. Outside of just. "Choose a gang you like the theme of, and run with it." As I don't imagine a new player is going to know very much the difference in the gangs.

Maybe have a 'campfire' nights. Gangs gather around their trash-cans, stoking the pieces of burning furniture and garbage that they pulled off the street. Gangers coming forward to tell stories, about how they became legends. You could script this up much the way one scripts a TV show.

It doesn't even have to be a formal thing, just script a ganger here or there to spontaneous ramble off something about themselves, or the gang to a group of urchins, or bragging to a fellow snake or something.

I can type up an example of what I mean if you like.

But yeah, have the gangers chatting, or A ganger showing off to prospects as he makes them clean the street out front of one of the local businesses. Adding ambience and explaining some of the gang, and gangers character(s).

Which is something you can tie in later if you want a gang initiation.

Put in true and false rumours about what the initiation is. Have people say they had to fight park dogs. Bring a dead judge. Slap their mothers, whatever.

This doesn't solely have to be scripted events, or solely NPCs. Organize the players for a day a month to go out and brag to those that pass by, tell stories. Puppet an NPC, a lieutenant or gang leader. "This is why the other group's a bitch. Because this one time we did this."

Sorry if I ranted a bit, or if the ideas are rubbish, he.