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gagging incriptions
hiding incrypted SIC messages

The issue I have with SIC incryption is it's so spammy for screen readers. Unlike SICADS which are only broadcasted from that name, SIC encrypted messages are sent from everyone, all the time, and there's just no way for me to gag them with my client. I think it'd just be best to hide them from public SIC altogether, to help reduce spam. Which, in turn, would help roleplay in the process because you're not trying to read SIC and see encrypted stuff.
No, I will never hide encrypted sic entirely. Be glad its not a few years ago when the entire encrypted message would fly by. :)

There are other things I want to do for you screen reader users. My goal is to offer alternative markings around the 'limit ascii' accessibility feature. This will replace the shorthand symbols at the front of a sic message with actual words like 'private sic' and other such symbol jargon used.

But I won't just remove content other players are subjected to, then suddenly everyone declares themselves a screen reader user.

I'm not sure what client you are using, but I know mine can gag encrypted sic if I want it to. I would think it would be similarly doable with most any client that can gag and supports wildcards.
Screen readers and normal usage aside, IC'ly, SIC is supposed to be spammy.

Even the times when it seems spammy, really it isn't as spammy as you need to imagine it is. (Actually all the time it isn't as spammy as you need to imagine it but we go with it.)

There are over 65 million people in the dome. Not all have a sic chip, true, but there are millions of sics traveling through every minute.

It is one reason there is an option to turn off SIC chat. And to block. There should be some other options your client has available to you like what Taikei mentioned?

Gar, if you tell me what client you're using and can point me at documentation for it, I might be able to work out a gag script for you.
I love this thread. OOCly I'm a front-end dev who focuses on accessibility for a large web-oriented company. I really appreciate the effort devs put into making the game enjoyable for everyone.

I use various screen readers on a fairly normal basis to test and validate the content and code we put out, and I totally understand both sides here. As a player, it can be really, really hard to listen to everything going on audibly and filter it. As a developer we want to provide the same experience for everyone, and hiding the intentional adverts may provide a slightly unfair advantage, and change the game experience. Tough finding that balance.

Props to the devs though, and the players for finding harmony for so long. Ain't always easy.

gagging game content is client-side manipulation and not within the spirit (if not the letter) of the @rules and fair play. Deal with the same spam everyone else must deal with.
Perhaps you could put in an option for the people that use screen readers to change the encrypted messages to
Well, flip it around. I am convinced that screen readers make it easier to separate unencrypted messages which your character can understand from encrypted ones your character can't understand.

Dozens of times which I'm aware of in my experience, players have missed reading messages which were mixed in among a whole bunch of other peoples' encrypted messages, because it's hard for the eyes to pick readable character strings out from a dark-red sea of unreadable ones. The ear, on the other hand, has absolutely no trouble getting a clear message when it comes.

Undecipherable SIC is difficult for everyone, sighted or otherwise.

I have now modified just about every sic command so the system respects the @access option STRIP_ASCII setting. When enabled, we try to avoid using ASCII Art.

This isn't less characters/lines on the screen, its plain english instead of the shorthand symbolism normally experienced.

Also addressed today was the fuel gauging on vehicles for the same plain-english treatment.

Screen Reader players can type the following to enable this mode:

@access STRIP_ASCII is enabled

Please don't hesitate to report places that don't respect this preference and you think should. We can't promise we'll be able to in all cases, but we'll take your input seriously. :)

You are, as always, a scholar and a gentleman Johnny. Our hats off to you. Thank you.
The ASCII in the OOC lounge will now be properly stripped if you have that option enabled in your @access preferences.