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Fused or sticky skillsofts
Till death due us part

I was just wondering what peoples opinions were on a skill based check/ability maybe across a number of skills like electro tech/ bio-tech/etc to allow a player to fuse or stick a skill soft into their socket so it cannot fall out till death.

This could give non-coms better options to go into combat without the risk of suddenly loosing all ability mid combat.

The trade off is that you loose a slot and space in that socket till you die. Maybe limit it to a single socket.

As for combat characters it allows to not have the chance of loosing a non-combat skill investment like a plat soft in combat unless you die.

For example pilot or driving softs.

I like the idea of a -single- socket fuse soft. Can not be removed, uninstalled. And once slotted it's there and stays there. You can not install any more skill soft sockets, even removable once. You make a choice. You slot it in. It's now permanent until death.
With the changes made to skillsofts, I'm not entirely certain why they still need to drop chips as part of their balance package. I could see them just being 'upgraded' by SK so that chips costing a small fortune wouldn't just fall out from getting jarred around.
I think it's pretty grossly unfair that skilled combatants can steal non-combatants jobs with easy and without risk while non-combatants use of skillsofts is literally based on a roll of the dice for effectiveness.

While any changes like this would greatly offset what is currently coded - things like this is why Sindome remains 90% in the hands of players who can create red text vs those who tell stories.

I agree with both Talon and Reefer. Skillsofts in them selves are... Iffy and does take away jobs, (my opinion, no hate, no love) I get that if there are nobody around that can do the job that would be bad, but at the same time they are strong.

Also, they do get knocked out ridiculously easy.

Perhaps ONLY combat skillsofts can be perminantly slotted to balance that then?
I really actively encourage people to give combat softs a whirl. They were in a decent position before the changes to softs last year, and in the case of combat softs specifically, the changes to sockets and softs was a pretty massive buff.

I'd hesitate to say that they're in a pretty solid spot, provided you have the appropriate UE to drive the skill.

It does seem a little archaic, and Reefer rather rightly points out it disproportionately punishes non-combatants (or low-UE combatants) compared to anyone with high avoidance rolls.

However I don't think a skill check on any specific technical skill really makes sense because it implicitly sorts skills into skillsoft-effecting or not. It would make more sense to me just to have no ejection on combat, which encourages combat soft use which is cool as hell.

I agree with 0x1mm regards the no ejection in combat but didn't want to shoot that out there initially, but would say that it is only for combat softs, perhaps, like they have a built in lock in feature or something.

My personal preference is that skillsofts just don't eject on impact outright, because platinum softs take eight days to load and unload quickly after removal/ejection (sometimes instantly as has happened to me one or twice), and ejection was balanced around loading instantly. However locks on combat softs would have an internal logic to it, and they're one of the biggest missed opportunities in terms of enabling interesting gameplay so I think they would be worthy of extra love.

Skillsofts in general got so much misdirected ire from players for taking 'their jobs away' that I was half expecting No Irish Need Apply style propaganda to start coming out against them. The rework did give interesting new life to bronze and silver softs which I think is cool, but platinums have become extremely limited in terms of only some skills ever really working within the new design and combat ones especially being left utterly by the wayside as a casualty of war.

Giving people more options for conflict RP is a great idea. Some people choose not to be combat focused because it fits the character they create and this would help balance their playability, a lot. Personally, my char doesn't use combat softs because dropping 100k+ on a soft that likely might get blasted out of their head the first time they have to use it is nonsense.

Could fusing softs be a player job? Why make the soft come fusable when we can have an electronics expert do the fusing and get paid for it? Maybe even make it skills based? Just a thought . . .

@Plebe regards making it a job, I made that point in the OP, but I am a little on the fence about it.

I think it also gives options to those that might not have put into combat skills and their character 'has a change of heart' late down the line.

A pacifist for several years, but looses something they can never forgive and wants to fight.

That sort of deal.