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Forgetting an Hour on Death

I don't know how viable this idea is at all, but it just dawned on me and felt like a really cool thing that could happen if it was implementable, although I can see some very serious drawback with it too.

The idea is to have the webclient erase one hour of your buffer when you die. This would cover up the immediate details of your death, which might prevent people from learning what really happened to them by scrolling back up, which I think is a cool idea on its own. It would also make it so if you get corpse cloned you could very easily see exactly what you would be allowed to remember. If it shows up in your buffer, it's basically for you to decide how you remember the details. If it doesn't show up there, you can't remember it at all.

Obvious drawbacks to this idea in this state is that this would only work on the webclient. I don't know if it can even work on the webclient. I'm extremely sure it couldn't be programmed to happen in most other clients.

Even if the buffer can be recovered if you are resuscitated, it leaves the question of what happens if you updated your clone within the hour that you died and you cloned out like normal. That seems extremely complicated.

On another hand, something else that might be useful could be some kind of command you could output that would send you everything you saw in an hour so you knew exactly what you didn't have access to. I don't think it would be as cool as scrubbing out the details on screen and leaving you no access to seeing what happened directly, but it would be useful to know exactly what you need to forget too.

Mostly just some food for thought. I'm not posing any of this as a fix to some problem that's occurring in game. I can't think of a single instance in all the time I've played where I think someone played their death and undying wrong. Just thought I'd share an idea I thought was cool :)

Technically speaking: the buffer isn't stored in your computer's memory. It's just text, like the thread you've written. Therefore you don't keep track of the time at which every message is sent (if you did, your resource consumption would increase tremendously!!). And even if this was somehow implemented in the webclient -- what with those who don't use the webclient?

I understand the intent behind the suggestion but from a technical standpoint. And by the way the game seems to be designed in terms of information presentation, it's impossible.