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Forced emotes: MODE check
Terminals, @notes and more, oh my.

@idea: Implement a check for scripts which force emotes or poses so that those do not become input in terminal prompts or other input-mode prompts like @notes for example.

Keying in a long-ass @note and then losing it at the last minute because the answer to Save this note? [Enter `yes' or `no'] was ".sneeze, spraying blood and mucus" is mildly inconvenient for some, but extremely painful for others, depending on what client and hardware they're using. Similarly, it can cause that terminal-freakout bug too, you know, the one where you can only escape it by @quitting and re-logging in.

Terminal inputs and @notes are the modes that come to mind right now, but I"m sure there are other situations where this check sould be applied too.