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..and a plea for the proliferation of office supplies.


For both the sake of organization and theme, I think it would be nice if there were folders available that could fit both documents (newspapers, flyers, etc.) as well as photographs. Perhaps ones you could put titles on. Dossiers and such are very themely and are by definition a collection of items. I believe it would be cool to be able to have single object deliverables for a more professional vibe, as well giving people the opportunity to declutter their stacks of such items.

In addition, it would be nice to see more stores have letters, e-prints, and such reliably stocked and more commonly available. I understand the exclusivity of certain items pushes for more player transactions, but when it comes to things such as canvases or writing tools that only fuel creativity, I think it would be nice to have those more accessible to the same end of promoting player interaction. I could see it being a bit discouraging to the immy who cares to simply leave someone a note that they have typically travel all the way to Green for a single letter or invest in two separate gadgets to do so.

For hard copy dossiers, briefcases are usable, but at this point I think all hard copies should be largely abandoned.

Everything you need for a dossier can be scanned to an e-note and copied to secondary (small) e-memory module. A module so small in size that it can be easily concealed behind many objects such as street terms.

Disregard folders. Acquire e-memory modules, do dead drops, and produce more ubiquitous data for others to acquire/hoard.

While I agree that memory modules can serve as a nice backup organizational option, I believe this undersells the appreciation of hard copies that is still very much seen, and why they still are preferred by some over the plug-and-read option.

A lot goes into a hard copy that doesn't go into reading something off an e-note, be that the flair of formatting, the pacing provided by turning a page, the ability to jump around a lengthier piece with the help of indices and tables of contents, and the organizational aspect of being able to separate things into chapters or subjects. The ability to rip it up is nice too, both because it's neat from an infosec standpoint and convenient as you aren't left with something to carry around.

Large e-modules address the clutter aspect (somewhat, looking at you size-of-photos) by being able to store a variety of things, but when we are talking about delivering a one-off dossier you ask someone purchase a new module or scrub an existing one just for the gig. At that point it gets scrubbed again and sits there empty to maybe be reused, or it exists as a 25k (or whatever the smallest now is) module that has likely has only a fraction of the storage space used, or you now have to organize getting the e-module back to the owner. Not a very cool dead-drop when the guy has to show back up fifteen minutes later. Deeming this the norm simply creates new issues, and doesn't seem realistic or attractive in terms of pricing when you can get a hundred plus sheets out of a single e-print that can be used in a hundred plus separate transactions.

Much like our real lives where everything could theoretically be digital, people still enjoy turning a page. There is room for both mediums to exist. One is just a complete pain to organize, and thus, folders.

Maybe to address the issues above, an ultra-small and cheap memory module would help proliferation of e-notes in the data trade.
I think that is a good idea, and I suppose you could make them disposable. That said, depending on what the deliverable is, the memory of a single piece could range from 300u to 11,000u so it would be hard to gauge what the right size would be. I also think at a certain point you create a situation where we would need folders for small e-memory modules.
We have created e-memories that are down to 5KU. I do think the e-memory is the prime way to store this kind of information, versus folders, but I do not want to discourage you from expanding more on this idea.

Do you think there is a world where e-memories can be preferred over this? The thing about e-memories is that they reduce bloat. You can print a document from it if you need it again, but you can have hundreds of documents in it, something you can't (or shouldn't normally do) do with physical papers!

Hard copies are still needed for flyers and the like, unless you really want to do away with free newspapers and flyers that don't need an e-note to be read?