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Ethicol fueled merriment!

The thread on heavy weapons the other day sparked my imagination, and said imagination devised a most holy of weapons. The flamethrower! Fueled by consumable ethicol, the flamethrower does no damage on it's own, however upon hitting a target, said target is ignited! Upon a miss, there's a chance that the room is ignited instead, with a scaling progression of blaze intensity!


jinx is working on this already
I don't know who Jinx is, but I love them.
As long as characters wielding flamethrowers can be shot and on some sort of PROC have the bullet hit the tank and blow it up, I'm all for this.
I'm not sure if any heavy weapons are still being worked on at all. When the flamethrower was announced that was a loooong time ago at a town hall. And there would probably be balance issues since there's not really armouring against fire in the game. I could be wrong though.
Just as long as Wicks gets them to incinerate corpses right there in the street.....